Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Final Four Rock Out on Season 8 of American Idol

The Final Four mingled with Slash on American Idol's Rock N' Roll Night. Here's how they did......

01 Adam Lambert sang "Whole Lotta Love" made famous by Led Zepplin-- I disagree with all the judges, they called it: perfect, called Adam a "Rock God", said there was nothing Broadway about it, and wondered how anyone else would top his performance. Personally I thought it was self indulgent rubbish.
Score: 4

02 Allison Iraheta sang "Crybaby" made famous by Janis Joplin-- I actually preferred Allison's performance to Adam's. Simon said he saw a lot of confidence from Allison on stage and I agree; it would have been interesting, as Simon said, to have Allison sing a Queen song.
Score: 4.25

*Kris Allen and Danny Gokey sang "Renegade" made famous by Styx-- I really liked the harmonies that were in this song.

03 Kris Allen sang "Come Together" made famous by the Beatles-- I loved this performance from Kris' tight guitar skills to the authenticity in this vocals. Despite the fact that Kris isn't a rocker, he rocked out on this song. Simon said it was safe and I completely disagree; I think it topped Adam.
Score: 5

04 Danny Gokey sang "Dream On" made famous by Aerosmith-- This is really a song that when sung on American Idol can either really help you or really hurt you. Danny is in a good place because he got the final spot tonight. I agree with Kara that maybe it would have been better to go with a song like "Cryin'" or "Crazy". I still like him better than Adam because he doesn't come across as arrogant.
Score: 4.25

* Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert sang "Slow Ride" made famous by Foghat-- Simon made a comment that Adam may have given Allison a chance to move forward in this competition, umm no Simon, Allison did that herself. She was much better in this duet than Adam.

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