Monday, May 25, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 2

The show started out with the guys moving into their new home and discovering there would be two group dates, and one "one on one" date.

First Group Date: Michael, Tanner P., Matheu, Brian, Wes, Brad, Ed, and Sasha
The first group date started out as a pool party up at Jillian's mansion where she and Michael hit it off immediately; it looked as though he was going to get the first rose, and then Jillian split. The guys had to embark on a race across Los Angeles to find her. The guys were put into teams of two, and one guy from the first team that arrives would be chosen to have dinner with Jillian.
Brad and Wes won and Jillian chose Wes and gave him a rose while they ate dinner. I am starting to not like Wes, and I am, at this point, seeing him as very manipulative.

The one on one date went to Jake, and I ended up being extremely impressed with him. He was playful with Jillian when they went shopping for "cowboy" clothes. He was spontaneous and taught her how to two step when they got to the House of Blues but didn't look up her dress while she danced on the bar. The two danced to Martina McBride, and were so in sync on the dance floor. At the end of the night, Jillian gave Jake a rose.

The Second Group Date: Jesse, Mark, David, Mike, Simon, Kiptyn, and Juan
Jillian joined the guys on the basketball court, and then brought in the Harlem Globetrotters to play against the guys. The Globetrotters liked David the best of the guys that were there. The date moved to the beach where Mike ran into the ocean in his speedo and then picked Jillian up and carried her up from the water. The date then moved to a hotel where Jillian had dinner with the guys.
Notes: was Juan's pick up lines corny? I think so, "your piercing green eyes", please!
Jillian likes to kiss Kiptyn, or so it seems......
Would Mike have received the second group date rose had he not ran into the ocean in his speedo? I think not

Notes for the rose ceremony:
Why did Wes interrupt fellow Texan Robby who did not even get any sort of date with Jillian when he already received a rose?
Mathue seemed genuine, why was he voted off and "foot fetish guy" Tanner P. got to stay?

The Top 16
Wes, Jake, Mike, Juan
Jesse, David, Ed, Sasha
Mark, Michael, Tanner P., Kiptyn
Reid, Robby, Tanner F., Brad

I didn't expect Brad to stay, and I didn't expect Mathue to go.

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