Monday, May 4, 2009

My Night at the Movies: X-Men Origins Wolverine

I must admit that while I did not see any of the three X-Men movies, something intrigued me about the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I think a large part of the intrigue was its star, the very handsome and charming Hugh Jackman as well as his character of Wolverine. Growing up, superheroes have always held my interest, and now as an adult, Wolverine is no exception. I decided that before I went to the movies, I should read about the three movies that have come out so far. Overall Wolverine appealed to me as a superhero/ mutant the most, I also grew to have a great interest in Storm and Cyclops.
As a side note, it surprised me to discover that the next "X-Men Origins" movie is, X-Men Origins: Magneto based on Ian McKellan's character Magneto in X-Men.

The major fact that I discovered about Wolverine was that throughout the X-Men trilogy he was searching for his past. He has presumably been living for about 10-15 years with no memories. All that he did know was that his name was Wolverine from the tags that he wore around his neck.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine begins with us seeing how a child, James Howlett discovered his powers and became Wolverine. He was a very frail and sick child, and one night he killed a man who was trying to attack his father and take his mother away. Claws extended from the back of his hand and his knuckles, and following the murder he fled with his step brother Victor Creed who would later become Sabretooth.

Years later (we don't really know how many because Wolverine has aged but his powers of healing keep him looking young), we see Wolverine (played brilliantly by Hugh Jackman) and Victor (played by Liev Schrieber) fighting in a War with a group of mutants led by civilian Stryker (played by Danny Huston). Jimmy decides that he doesn't want to be a part of their group anymore, killing people etc. and flees to start a new life. He goes to Canada and works as a lumberjack and lives with his girlfriend Kayla.

Will i Am is fun in his first major movie role as mutant who disappears and reappears and can teleport himself, John Wraith. I was particularly impressed with Taylor Kitsch's turn as poker hustler Remy LeBeau who would later become known as mutant Gambit. I loved the authenticity he brought to this character and I definitely see a Gambit movie in the future. I liked Ryan Reynolds at the beginning of the movie as human Wade Wilson, but his turn as mutant Deadpool at the end of the movie made me cringe.

I loved the story of how Wolverine got his name, his girlfriend, schoolteacher turned mutant with powers of persuasion, Kayla Silverfox told him an old Indian folk story and she gave him the name Wolverine. It was sad that Wolverine, who is such a good soul, a real emotional person lost his memories when Stryker shot him in the head with an atom bullet and although he healed his memories were gone. He didn't remember going to three mile island with Gambit (the only mutant to escape) to save the other mutants, and he didn't remember his lady love Kayla. I thought love always won out in the end, so this was disappointing indeed; I am still holding onto hope that sometime in the future they will reunite.

Overall, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a must see on your summer movie list! Hugh Jackman really brings magic to the screen as Wolverine; he is funny, engaging, strong yet sensitive, sexy, vulnerable, and the ultimate superhero; get yourself to a theater and see what the fuss is about.

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Misha said...

I have not seen this movie yet although I do want to. Maybe i'll wait for it to come out on DVD. Some of my friends have seen the movie but the reactiones were mixed. Some said it was "ok" and some did not like it at all... You should write a review for "State of Play", (which I saw by the way)