Friday, June 12, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 4

In Episode 4, some guys really stepped up and others showed their true colors in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada where Jillian is from.

Kiptyn is chosen for the one on one date and he and Jillian kayak to the public markets. While they are shopping for food to cook dinner, Jillian comments about how comfortable she feels with Kiptyn and how she could see them as a couple. When they get back to Jillian's house, Kiptyn tells her that his biggest flaw is that he doesn't pursue people because it makes him vulnerable. Jillian seems totally taken by Kiptyn and is so attracted to him and then offers him a rose.

Some of the guys go on a group date with Jillian, and are split into two teams to compete in a curling competition to win private time with Jillian. Jesse, Jake, Robby, David, and Juan are the red team, and Tanner, Wes, Ed, Michael, and Reid are the blue team. I am really starting to like Michael, he is so cute and has such a crush on Jillian. Jesse is determined to get alone time with Jillian, and displays true athleticism and wins the game for the red team.

The red team spends the night on a yacht with the bachelorette; Jake and Jillian recall their first date together. Jake doesn't like being labeled too perfect by Jillian.
She then spends some time with Jesse, and expresses to him that she is pleased that he stepped up and admits that they had a connection from the beginning.
She and David have a horrible interaction, one that I believe is the worst in the history of the show. He was swearing and was really rude and disrespectful to Jillian. He remarks that he has never been turned down for a kiss, but thinks that despite that, Jillian still really likes him.
At the end of the night, Jesse gets the group date rose.

The two on one date with Mark and Mike is interesting to say the least; not only had I written Mark off but I think he wrote himself off and Mike believed he was a lock to get the rose. Mike ran to her when arriving on the date, held hands with her in the helicopter, made a toast at dinner, talked about being a provider for Jillian. Mark talked about how uncomfortable he was on the date, having socially awkward feelings, and talked about heartbreak. However, when Mark and Jillian were alone, he really put himself out there and talked to her about how he believes that love can be found anywhere. Jillian admitted that she could relate to Mark and his fears and so she gave him the rose and sent Mike packing.

At the cocktail party, a lot of secrets come out. Reid tells Jillian that if she lived with some of the guys, she wouldn't like it. Jake and Reid both confer with one another and agree that Wes is not there for the right reasons. Tanner says Wes told him that he has a girlfriend at home. Jillian once again gets some alone time with Jake and can sense that he is holding back. He apologizes and says he believes that some guys are not there for the right reasons. The last straw for Jillian comes when Tanner reveals that there are guys in the house that have girlfriends. Jillian ends the party early, and questions the guys about their sincerity.

She then eliminates David and Juan. (I won't discuss how ridiculous David was)

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