Monday, November 23, 2015

The Top 11 Live! Season 9 The Voice

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang You and I by Lady Gaga-- Dynamite song choice and amazing vocal. I was so impressed with Shelby tonight, I think Adam knows she nailed this, her voice was so good throughout all those big parts. Blake said that was my favorite performance from you so far. Pharrell said you came out like a cannon, you were comfortable with this performance. Gwen said she felt that was one of her songs. Adam said Shelby, you're the best.

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel sang Smile by Charlie Chaplin-- I feel like besides Evan having such a great voice, he also seems like such a great person. There is something so genuine and like-able about Evan, it's quite special. Gwen said it was her favorite Evan performance. Blake said he is such a professional, Pharrell said he sounded great like always, but he let people in, and he feels like he really connected with people.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker-- I enjoyed his vocal. I am unsure whether or not I feel that song was special enough for people to remember it. He is strong enough as a performer, powerful enough as a vocalist. Adam said you're awesome, energetic, a showman, very fun. Blake said you took as all to church. #StorageWars

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang Only Hope by Mandy Moore-- I think she may have saved herself. I believed her performance, and I believed every single word. That was genuine and heartfelt, and she should be really proud of how she stepped up. Adam praised her individuality and said he is proud of her. Pharrell said you recognize the importance of being yourself. Gwen said she is so happy for her.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang Blank Space by Taylor Swift-- Amy is just so special, I loved the way she and Adam flipped this song. It honestly sounded like this was her song because it was just so different from the original. Her vocal was perfect too, not too much, but just enough. Blake said I love the flips you guys are doing, and I thought this was my favorite one because I could hear the bottom part of your voice, great singing sis. Pharrell said the performance framed her voice so well, go on Itunes and buy this. Adam said the way you won this season is by taking your own approach on songs. I love your artistry, I'm so proud.

Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh sang Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square-- I just feel like every time I watch and hear Zach perform that I am at his concert. Blake is on his feet and as he should be, this was genius yet again. Gwen said perfect song for you, I am a huge fan of yours. Adam said, it's a shame the girls don't like you. You have the chops, and you can sing, it kinda pisses me off a little. Blake said he thinks there is a little bit of Elvis in him, and great vocals tonight.

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang Love is Blindness by U2-- The vocal was haunting, but yet so real,  I think I need to echo Adam's sentiment and say that I did not realize she had that in her. I loved it. Adam loved it and said it was amazing, and that he didn't know that she had it in her. Blake said that was the best performance of the night so far. Pharrell walked onto the stage to give her a hug when the performance was over. He said that was so amazing.

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang True by Spandau Ballet-- I think he honestly did as best he could with that song. I agree with Blake, it was an odd song choice. However, I do like the pairing between Braiden and Gwen. I thought that there were a lot of good moments in that song but whether or not that will get him through is another story. Pharrell said the big note in the middle of the song was crazy, there's so much control in your voice. Gwen said I am just blown away by you, and I love you.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Who You Are by Jessie J-- Jordan did it again! I think I held my breath for his entire performance. I could tell that the lyric genuinely spoke not only to Jordan but so many other people. Adam was on his feet, Jordan's mom was crying. Pharrell said it is so effortless when you sing, people feel it, and they feel your intention. Gwen said it is hard to speak after that, how great is it for you to use your gift like that, I am so happy for you. Adam said Jordan has an insecurity and he doesn't think he is as good at performing as everyone else. But he said, Jordan, you are one of the best performers I know because you sing like you do, and you sing with so much conviction that you keep everyone listening, everyone is mesmerized by you.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang Why Not Me by The Judds-- I think whether or not Emily Ann wins this, she is going to have a definite career in music. I loved the arrangement. Pharrell said you have a super classic feel, your runs are so clean, and who are you? Blake said you are going to be around for a long time. She just did a blue grass version of a Judds song live on national television.

Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin sang Dancing on My Own by Robyn-- Another extremely believable vocal. This is a song I have loved since it came home, and to hear this version of was really exciting. Jeffery's vocals were on point, and I think he really showed some emotion in this performance because I was totally feeling him. Adam said I always look forward to hearing you sing, there's something about your voice, you can't teach the unique quality you have. Blake said Jeffrey could win The Voice. Gwen said I love you, I'm blown away, you moved me to tears, I am so grateful to know you and be a part of this.

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