Monday, November 9, 2015

The Voice Season 9: And We're Live! (And "Comeback" Artists)

Team Adam and Team Gwen perform tonight!

Team Adam: Blaine Mitchell sang Never Tear Us Apart by Inxs-- That performance was so powerful. Blaine sounded like the lead singer of a great rock band like Queen Blake said it's hard to believe that you used to do country music. Pharrell said it felt like he wrote the song. Gwen said I love how free you are, that was the perfect song for you. Adam said I could not be prouder as a coach.

Team Gwen: Regina Love sang Hello by Adele-- Love Regina, and love this song, but I am unsure whether or not it was the right thing for her to sing. I felt like her voice cracked a lot. Gwen said she is glad to take this journey with her, and Adam said he misses her. She might be going home after this performance.

Team Adam: Keith Semple sang To Be With You by Mr. Big-- I love that song, and Keith is such an amazing singer that it sounded great. Gwen said Keith did a really great job with that song. Adam thought it showed Keith's identity.

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt-- Shelby crushed this! I feel like it was as good as the original, if not better. She has a strong voice. Blake said he is upset that Shelby is not on his team. Adam said her ability at 17 is a testament to how talented and special she is.

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang Adia by Sara McLachlan-- I think this was a weird song choice, it was very boring, and I didn't feel like it showcased Korin's voice. In fact, it may have even exposed some of the weaknesses in her voice. Blake said she connected with the song, I didn't love it, I don't know what Blake is talking about.

Team Gwen: Ellie Lawrence (comeback artist) sang X's and O's by Elle King-- Adam said she picked a great time to have her best performance. Blake said it was his favorite performance of the night. Pharrell said congratulations. Gwen said it was awesome because she manned the stage and gave her personality. It felt like her show. Well Blake, it was a great performance but it wasn't the best of the night. I would say it was the best Team Gwen performance thus far.

Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin sang Say You Love Me by Jesse Ware-- Adam said Jesse has it all, and he could win this whole thing. Pharrell said easily the best performance of the night, and you did the right thing by taking an emotional path, the dynamics were great. Gwen said, what was that? You were an artist.I think Jeffrey was one of the best performers and vocalists of the night. I feel like he has as powerful a voice as someone like a Sam Smith. Jeffrey could go far in this competition if America takes to him.

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Everything I Own by Bread-- Adam said his wife is obsessed with him more than he feels comfortable with. Adam said it was like he wanted to do more than what the song would allow him to do. Blake said you have been one of my favorites since the battle rounds, and I do get what Adam was saying. I agree with Adam. I think he needed a stronger and better song, but I like him.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra-- Blake said please do a Christmas album someday. He said that was really good, it felt like home to me. Pharrell said congratulations, that was effortless, those super colorful runs. I feel like you could win, you're awesome. Adam said that was not The Voice, that was watching an artist perform. I am so thrilled for you. Amy absolutely lit up the stage, that was so beautiful and Pharrell is right, so effortless.

Team Gwen: Viktor Kiraly sang All Around the World by Lisa Stansfield-- I liked Viktor's performance but not as much as I thought I would. The high notes were a little too high. Adam said I miss you, but I am super proud and happy for you, you did an amazing job. Gwen said Viktor that was crazy, you did so good. Blake started talking about how Team Gwen is whooping Team Adam.

Team Adam: Chance Pena (comeback artist) sang Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars-- I loved loved that performance! That was just so authentic, and I loved it. His voice was so on point, and I thought the style of the song suited him so much. Blake said he gave everything to that performance. That was such a sweet performance, I think it kicked the ass of anything Gwen's team did.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Halo by Beyonce-- And everyone is on their feet and should be! Jordan is so so special, I don't care if Adam doesn't want to cry, I am going to cry cause he is so good and he gives so much every time. The emotions are just overflowing. Pharrell said God has signed your voice, that's crazy. Gwen said that felt so good. Adam said, you're a figure everyone is so drawn to you. I am honored to be a part of it man.

Team Gwen moving forward: Jeffrey, Braiden, and Viktor-- long shot is Ellie
Team Adam moving forward: Jordan, Amy, third spot is between Chance and Blaine

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