Monday, November 2, 2015

The Last Night of Knockouts on The Voice: Season 9

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood versus James Dupre sang Sure Be Cool if You Did by Blake Shelton-- To put this very simply, Shelby took her performance to a different level than James. James' performance was very laid back, it's almost like it was the wrong song choice for a Knockout round. Shelby's vocal was effortless and soaring when she got into those runs.
My choice: Shelby
Adam's choice: Shelby

Team Pharrell: Mark Hood sang Stand by Me by Ben E. King versus Siahna Im sang Back to Black by Amy Winehouse-- Mark's performance was solid but uninteresting. The song was a little too big for him and went flat in several places, but Mark is the stronger singer here. The coaches were careful not to criticize Siahna, but she was probably too young for this point in the competition. Her vocal was all over the place. She just wasn't strong enough to get through this.
My choice: Mark
Pharrell's choice: Mark

Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin sang Turning Tables by Adele versus Kota Wade sang Baracuda by Joan Jett -- I loved Jeffrey, his performance was very sincere and heartfelt. He did seem to connect to the song which was nice. Kota's performance was screechy at points, she seemed a little bit off key. Adam said Jeffrey has a very identifiable tone. Gwen said she was shocked at Kota's song choice but felt it reflected her personality. Gwen was blown away by Jeffrey because he let them into his heart today.
My choice: Jeffrey
Gwen's choice: Jeffrey

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang Cowboy Take Me Away by The Dixie Chicks versus Nadjah Nicole sang A Woman's Worth by Alicia Keys-- Gwen liked Emily Ann's intuition, and she likes how Nadjah is really into the song. Blake liked Emily Ann's sound and it looks like he is leaning towards her. I liked both of them, but I felt like Emily Ann was a little bit more clear about who she wants to be and that transparency made her the better choice.
My choice: Emily Ann
Blake's choice: Emily Ann

For Team Blake it was Zach Seabaugh over Chris Crump

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel sang Dare You to Move by Switchfoot versus Tim Atlas sang Torn by Natalie Imbruglia-- I loved Evan's vocal so much, it was just so big and impressive. I like the inflections in Tim's voice, he is also really special. This is going to be a hard choice. Who has a steal left? Blake said Evan has so much energy and fire, and he said there is no one who sounds like Tim. Pharrell said Evan did the right thing not playing the guitar. Pharrell liked how Tim interpreted the song.
My choice: Evan but steal Tim
Pharrell's choice: Evan

Team Gwen: Regina Love sang Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips versus Riley Biederer sang XO by Beyonce-- I was impressed with Riley. I wasn't expecting her to come that hard. It's never easy to do a Beyonce song because she is so special and stylized. She's Beyonce, but Riley brought so much of herself to this interpretation. Regina's voice is so rich, and she really sings like a professional. Gwen literally had tears in her eyes, she testified in that performance. Everyone was on their feet. Adam said, Regina I miss you, you just crushed this. Riley killed it too. Adam said it was impressed tremendously. Blake said Regina blew the roof off this place. Pharrell said Miss Regina you had people up on their feet and you were giving people goosebumps, and Riley there is no reason why you should go home. Gwen said Riley's voice is so unique, and Regina you're unbelievable, I love your spirit so much that I was brought to tears. Both of you should be on the show.
My choice: Gotta be both!
Gwen's choice: Regina
Pharrell stole Riley back!

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