Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Voice Season 4: The Knockout Rounds Team Blake and Team Usher

Team Blake: Savannah Berry singing As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber vs. Justin Rivers singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus-- I was honestly impressed with Justin and I would give it to him. I am surprised because I went into it thinking I would choose Savannah. It seemed like after all the judges' comments that they would all choose Justin, but it's Blakes' opinion that matters, and he actually went with Justin! Good for him, that last note was spectacular, and I think Blake is right, he's gonna bring it in the live shows.
The knockout goes to: Justin

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley singing Back to Black by Amy Winehouse vs. Jess Kellner singing You Give Me Something by James Morrison-- Adam felt that they should have done each others songs; I was thinking about that, and I actually agree, that would have sounded wonderful. Blake thought Josiah needed to loosen up, and he thought Jess was soulful. Usher said it's been incredible working with you Josiah, and that's why I want to continue working with you. I actually am surprised by this, I thought Jess was going to win because her voice is just so full and beautiful. There is something about Josiah but I didn't feel he showed the bad boy part of himself in the song.
The knockout goes to: Josiah

Team Blake: Holly Tucker singing Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw vs. Luke Edgemon singing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry-- I love both of these singers and both of these song choices for them; I really do not like that they're facing each other (sad face).Holly definitely has pipes and I feel like no matter what she has a future. Luke is special, his rendition of Teenage Dream was smooth and flat out sexy, loved the way he reinvented the song. Usher said Holly gave a stellar performance, and he thought it was tough for Luke to transform Teenage Dream. Shakira and Adam said that they totally got it. Adam said you have a crazy, killer voice with limitless potential. Blake tried to argue that Like didn't do enough range wise, I don't think it's about holding a note, it's about originality and the whole package. I'm with Adam on this, Blake's an idiot.
The knockout goes to: Holly

Team Usher: Audrey Karrasch singing How to Live by Lil Wayne vs. Michelle Chamuel singing Raise Your Glass by Pink!-- I feel like Audrey struggled a little on the higher notes. Michelle is a true performer and I loved her performance. Shakira chose Michelle and loved her performance quality. Adam liked the pocket for Audrey's voice but felt it fell off a couple of times, and thought Michelle was the type of artist he'd like to see more of. Blake felt similarly to Adam. Usher liked how Audrey made a rap record a pop record, and he enjoyed Michelle's performance.
The knockout goes to: Michelle

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery singing Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood vs. Taylor Beckham singing Russian Roulette by Rihanna-- Usher felt that Danielle took that battle with her control. Shakira said Danielle never seems nervous. Adam thought Taylor didn't seem confident enough but it was a good performance. Blake said Taylor is amazing and did better in rehearsal. This was a kind of boring knockout round as far as I was concerned. I think Danielle won hands down.
The knockout goes to: Danielle

Team Usher: C. Perkins singing She Ain't You by Chris Brown vs. Vedo singing Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams--  C. is a great performer, he has charisma, and he got the crowd pumped up; loved the vocals I heard, just wish he had done more with the song. Vedo delivered a full of grace and restraint performance, just lovely. Adam felt that this was Vedo's moment. Blake and Adam both commented on what C. did with the crowd and how he got them to warm up to him. Usher felt that Vedo's mom was watching him from heaven. He said C. is full of energy and waiting to burst out.
The knockout goes to: Vedo

Team Blake: Grace Askew singing I Can't Stand the Rain by Tina Turner vs. The Swon Brothers singing Drift Away by John Henry Kurtz-- Usher thinks Grace is a unique talent, and felt The Swon Brothers moved the audience, and gave it to them because of how they carried it. Shakira felt Blake should go with Grace. Adam enjoyed The Swon Brothers performance and feel that they know their place in the duo. I like how interesting Grace is, to me, no offense, I was a little bit bored with The Swon Brothers performance. Just as a side note, I feel like Blake is limiting himself and the versatility of his team but choosing all country singers. I am much more interested in some of the other teams at this stage in the competition as a result of that and some of those teams have country singers on them.
The knockout goes to: The Swon Brothers

Team Usher: Cathia singing Mr. Know it All by Kelly Clarkson vs. Ryan Innes singing I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw-- Cathia impressed me and continues to grow, Ryan was off key at several points, and therefore, I felt like I'd give it to Cathia. Adam felt that he didn't hear the grit in Ryan's voice. Blake said he was more impressed with Cathia as did Shakira who said this would be a toughie one for Usher. Usher ended up going with Cathia; she deserved it. Usher felt the performance was too much of a departure from who he was.
The knockout goes to: Cathia

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