Monday, April 22, 2013

The Voice Season 4: Battles Better Than Ever

Team Usher: Jessica Childress vs. Vedo sang Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars-- I loved both of them so much; they had great singing chemistry that was full of emotion. I hate that they were up against one another. Adam said that he wants to be friends with Jessica. Adam was impressed with Vedo, and said that their connection was great and it made him happy. Blake said they both lit up the room with their connection, and there is no right or wrong decision here. Usher felt that they supported one another in this performance, and believes everyone made a connection with these two.
Usher moves forward with Vedo...... I'm shocked that no one stole Jessica, but love Vedo!

Team Shakira: Luke Edgemon vs. Monique Abbadie sang You and I by Lady Gaga-- Love the intensity that Monique possesses and love Luke's passion, both of them were unbelievable. Blake and Adam both felt like Luke won the battle. Usher thinks Luke has a career as a performer, and he felt that Luke and Monique together complimented one another. Shakira thinks that Monique sounds like a pro already. In a strategic move, Shakira chose Monique being that the other coaches were so excited about Luke. Blake and  Usher both pushed their buttons to try and steal Luke. Luke opted to be strategic as well and chose Blake.
Shakira moves forward with Monique
Blake stole Luke

Team Blake: Jacqui Sandell vs. Savannah Berry sang Little White Church by Little Big Town-- Adam remains upset that he lost Savannah to Blake. He loved their victory jump at the end. Usher like the energy and the fun they had with their performance. He said he couldn't pick one over the other. Shakira found Jacqui was a little uncomfortable, and she loved Savannah's inflections. Blake chooses Savannah, but Jacqui says she has been completely inspired by the experience and says that it's changed her. I actually did like Savannah better in this case; I think ultimately, she has more potential. The fact that she's so young also says so much about her.
Blake moves forward with Savannah

Team Shakira: C. Perkins vs. Kris Thomas sang It Will Rain by Bruno Mars-- I wasn't digging the arrangement of this song, but I think both of them have great voices. I love Kris' voice, but I don't necessarily think he out enough emotion into it. Blake loved C's rasp, and Kris' verbrato. Usher thinks that they both need more work, and he feels that they would be able to help them. Shakira felt that they held back; completely agree, they needed to leave it all out there. She felt that C. had grown so much, and she thought that the guys who dropped Kris from his record deal were big jerks. Usher felt that C. has so much potential that has yet to be seen; I think it's true for both guys. Just as C. was about to leave and he was standing in front of Usher, Usher came in with the steal.
Shakira moves forward with Kris
Usher stole C.

Team Adam: Midas Whale vs. Patrick Dodd sang Burnin' Love by Elvis Presley-- In rehearsals, Patrick loved when Adam introduced a more blue grass feel to the song. Usher thinks both are equally talented. Blake and Shakira love the rasp in Patrick's voice. Shakira loves how Midas Whale enjoys their performances. Adam thinks Midas Whale is one of the most charismatic duos he's ever seen perform, and calls Patrick an exquisite singer. Adam made a tough choice, and picked Midas Whale over Patrick Dodd but vowed to help all of them. I must say that I agree with Adam when he said this was the toughest choice, I could see that. Neither artist did anything wrong.
Adam moves forward with Midas Whale

Team Usher: Orlando Dixon vs. Ryan Innes sang Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers-- These two guys sounded great together, their voices blended well. I have to say, overall, I am really impressed with how Usher has prepped all his battles. I don't think anyone has been on par or under par, they've all been phenomenal. Shakira said she doesn't know who to pick. Adam called Orlando a revelation. Blake called Ryan a guy's guy. Usher said Orlando moved the room, and Ryan had so much conviction, even just singing one simple note. Usher actually went with Ryan, I am a little surprised; Usher thought he was powerful and had depth. Adam stole Orlando and said he's an exceptional talent and needs to be here. This battle had a happy ending.
Usher moves forward with Ryan
Adam stole Orlando

Tomorrow night is the last night of battles!

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