Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Voice Blind Auditions: Season 4, Night 3

The Swon Brothers sang American Girl by Tom Petty-- Blake says he's an Okie just like them (they're all from Oklahoma). Usher thinks he can help them get to where they need to be. Shakira hopes to give them a fresh perspective. What I loved was the rawness and realness in their voices. The guys ended up choosing Blake.
Team Blake

Taylor Beckham sang I'm Goin Down by Mary J. Blige-- Usher and Shakira both turn around. Taylor is only 17! She has soul, but she is nervous and sounds like a kid and that comes across. Shakira tries to relate to her by saying she was a gymnast like Taylor used to be. Adam actually tries to sell Usher as her coach, and ultimately she chooses him. To me, I think Taylor has the goods, but is she a little too young? Perhaps.
Team Usher

Sam Alves sang Feelin' Good by Nina Simone or Michael Buble--  Okay now, so I didn't love this young man. That being said, the judges have chosen other people this year and in years past that are not as good as this guy was. Sam said that everything happens for a reason and he fully believes that. No one turning around was a surprise to me; I think a couple of them regretted it when he sang the last note.

Karina Iglesias sang I'm the Only One by Melissa Etheridge-- Adam and Blake kept going  back and forth deciding whether or not to push the button and they kept daring each other. Finally, at the very last moment, they both pushed the button. Shakira regretted not pushing the button. Blake said as she sang, it was like she kept pushing the gas pedal. Karina says that as long as she has been watching the show, she's been wanting to say, I'm picking Team Adam. Adam is happy he has Karina on his team because he is a bad ass singer.
Team Adam

Garrett Gardner sang Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes-- I definitely feel that Garrett improved over the last time he was here. That was a much better song choice for him but that was a bit screamy. He pushed too much at the end. I do think he took Blake's criticism and really worked on his craft. Adam said he was overjoyed that he made it and is on someone's team. Shakira was the only one who turned around, and remembered him from last year and wanted Garrett on her team.
Team Shakira

Flash Rounds:
J'Sun, an R&B singer ends up on Shakira’s team
Duncan is a Hawaiian folks singer who makes it on Team Adam
Chelsea M. lands on Usher’s team

4 Chair Turn! Holly Tucker sang To Make You Feel My Love-- Adam immediately turned his chair, followed by Shakira, Usher, and Blake. Usher gave her a standing ovation. Holly says she has always wanted to be a country singer. Adam said you're so good that you blow any genre out of the water; I want to work with you really badly. Usher said he wants to nurture her talent. Shakira loved the honesty of her performance and said that if she feels adventurous to pick her. Blake said he turned around last because he initially couldn't hear her cause Usher was talking. Holly ends up going with her country connection, and choose Blake. Holly has a really smooth voice, and her personality is so honest.
Team Blake

And now we bring you a montage of people who didn't make the show.....

Let's move on......

Landon Medvec sang You Give Me Something by James Morrison-- He sounds too much like James Morrison; he needs to develop his sound more and come back. There was also a little too much rasp. Blake and Usher thought that Landon sounded like a girl. Shakira thought he was in control and loved his choice of song. Adam said that sometimes it sounded like him doing an impression of James.
No one chose him either.

Michelle Chamuel sang I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry-- Adam turned, then Shakira, wait a while, and then Usher turns around too. Her voice is different and her character is compelling. Shakira thought Michelle was spectacular and fierce and compared it to her beginnings. Michelle said I have a question for the three amazing humans who pushed their buttons and Blake said what about me? Usher said, what it is is that you're not a human. Usher said he wants to know what kind of music she would like to be known for? She said electronic pop. I actually do like the pairing of her with Usher. Michelle was really gracious and thanked all the judges and the ones who turned around.
Team Usher

Julie Roberts sang God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton-- She previously had a record deal and lost it after the flood in Nashville. I didn't feel she was connected to the song as she sang it. I understand why no one turned around; there was nothing that compelled them to. Blake feels bad that he didn't turn around, but there are a lot of things Julie could stand to work on.

4 Chair Turn! Monique Abbadie sang Loca by Shakira-- Monique was a regular on Sabado Gigante, and she just has so much good energy and happiness when she sings. Usher said she rocked. Adam said the rhythmic sensibility is so on money. Blake said I hit my button first, but she's picking Shakira. Shakira liked the aggression she took on the verses. The guys actually want her to pick Shakira. Monique says Usher is good looking. She chooses her Idol, Shakira!
Team Shakira

4 Chair Turn! Warren Stone sings Colder Weather by The Zac Brown Band-- Love this guys story, he is a divorced dad and firefighter with the great ability to tell a story with his voice. Adam turns right away, then Usher and Shakira, and lastly Blake. Adam is so ignited by what he's done and knows he is going to be a great country star. Blake said country is a hard community to break into. Shakira believes she can mentor him, because talent is talent. Adam asks him to be adventurous, and take a chance with him. Everyone is shocked when Warren picks Adam.
Team Adam

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