Monday, April 29, 2013

Dancing with the Stars Season 16: Latin Night

Jacoby and Karina danced a Salsa-- I saw a couple of mistakes in there, but in general it was naturally rhythmic, and I enjoyed watching it. Len thought it was a good effort, and he shook the place up. He felt there could have been less lifts. Bruno said the fiesta has begun, your hips were on fire. Bruno added that Karina spent more time flying around then Iron Man. Carrie Ann liked the flavor of the dance and made a gross comparison which I won't mention on here.
Scores: 9, 9, 9= 27

Ingo and Kym danced the Rumba-- My eyes were pretty glued to Kym; I could feel Ingo trying to break through, but the hips weren't there for him. His passion and eagerness were. Bruno felt the hip action was too staccato and not fluid enough. Carrie Ann liked the form and technique but he missed the fluidity. Len said you gave it the best shot but didn't quite deliver in the end, but he felt that there was a lot of content and his lines were good.
Scores: 7, 8, 7= 22

Kellie and Derek danced the Samba-- I couldn't take my eyes off either one of them. The dance was energetic, packed with steps and tricks, and flat out sexy. Carrie Ann said she sees perfection in everything she does, but she said she doesn't feel Kellie when she dances. Carrie Ann feels it lacks emotional content. Len said booty, bounce, and bongos; he felt she completely understood the how of the technique and the wow of the performance, he found it brilliant. Bruno said out of this world content and the perfect balance of technique and performance.
Scores: 9, 10, 10= 29

Andy and Sharna danced a Rumba-- I love the humor that Andy brings to every dance; I only wish that he could pick up on more technique and musicality. Len liked the fun and entertainment value as well as the enthusiasm. He felt there wasn't enough hip action or musicality, more movement through the body. Bruno made a harsh comment about wishing he could forget the dance. Carrie Ann said you touch us but sometimes you forget about your arms, and if you could keep those in check, it would help.
Scores: 5, 6, 6= 17

Aly and Mark danced a Salsa-- Mark was injured, but ended up being able to dance with Aly. I liked this dance a lot. I feel like Aly totally went for it, that being said, it wasn't sexy. I found it more dirty than sexy, and it needed more salsa passes in it. Bruno said it was the spice of his life, and tutti, frutti, delicious tropical flavors-- whatever all that means. Carrie Ann loved it, and said she nailed it. Len said it was like a tequila sunrise, but it needed a few more salsa passes, but she had the exuberance.
Scores: 10, 9, 10= 29

Sean and Peta danced a Rumba-- I do think Sean took notes and improved in certain areas, but I did not see the chemistry between him and Peta. Carrie Ann was impressed that Sean listened to the comments, and like the chemistry between him and Peta. Len thought Peta was hot and Sean was wooden, and his hands kept flapping away. Bruno thought his musicality and extensions were better.
Scores: 8, 8, 8= 24

Zendaya and Val danced the Paso Doble-- This dance was intense, lots of intricate footwork, and I loved the energy of the dance. Len thought it was powerful and had attack. He liked the aggression, but warned her to lift her chin. Bruno liked the flamenco beginning. Carrie Ann thought it needed depth and strength to back up the intense, but thought her lines were gorgeous.
Scores: 9, 9, 9= 27

Then there was a dance off where 3 additional points could be earned. Kellie and Derek earned immunity for having the highest cumulative score:

Aly & Mark — 29 + 3 = 32
Zendaya & Val — 27 + 3 = 30
Kellie & Derek — 29 — Immune from Dance Off
Jacoby & Karina — 27
Ingo & Kym — 22 + 3 = 25
Sean & Peta — 24
Andy & Sharna — 17

dance off was Andy and Sharna vs. Aly and Mark
Jacoby and Karina vs. Zendaya and Val
and Ingo and Kym vs. Sean and Peta

My predictions for the bottom 2: Andy and Sharna and Sean and Peta --- I think Sean is going home.

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