Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Voice Blind Auditions: Season 4, Night 4

First up on night four; oh this is so exciting!

Audrey Karrasch sang Price Tag by Jessie J.-- Blake turns around right away; Usher turns around much to Blake's dismay. Blake wants to be the first to say something and Adam thinks he can predict what Blake will say, and Audrey says why do you care? You didn't even turn around. Woah! She put Adam in his place, lol. Audrey asks Usher what made him turn around and he doesn't even answer the question and she says, let's do this Usher. I pick Usher. I think what I like about Audrey more than her voice is her personality.
Team Usher

Brandon Roush sang With a Little Help from my Friends-- Brandon had a great rocker voice, especially being that he was only 19 years of age. Shakira ended up being the only one that turned around, but I think she is the perfect fit for him. He told Shakira that she wouldn't be sorry for choosing him.
Team Shakira

Betsy Barta sang Set Fire to the Rain by Adele-- Blake said she did a great off, but she bit off a lot when she chose Adele. No one turned around. Adam reassured her and told her to come back.

Patrick Dodd sang Walking in Memphis-- Usher said he had such character in his voice, even though only Shakira and Adam were the only ones to turn around. Shakira loved the soul in his voice and the effortlessness of it. Shakira said she'd put all her passion and focus on him. Adam envied the density, rasp, and soul in his voice. Adam said he loved him and wants him to be on his team. At first, I thought, nothing special, and then I heard the range and rasp in her voice, and I was like this guy is special. He really blows me away with this passion that he has for music, it's so full and genuine. Patrick ended up picking Adam.
Team Adam

Trevor Davis sang Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer --Team Blake

C. Perkins sang All Because of You by Neyo-- Team Shakira

Agina Alvarez sang Beautiful Liar by Shakira Team Adam

Orlando Dixon sang So Sick by Neyo-- Orlando has a good voice; he needs some refining, but I think he has the potential to be really good. Orlando says he grew up listening to Usher and admires his work. Usher liked the tone of his voice and said he will push him more. He called him a diamond in the rough and said he wants to prepare him to be a winner.
Team Usher

Savannah Berry sang Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift-- Adam turned right away, then Shakira, then Blake. Usher is the only one that didn't turn which I am surprised about because she deserved a four chair turn. He was smiling the whole time which surprises me even more. Adam said I turned around way before these other guys. Shakira said these two have been here for three seasons, they're jaded. Shakira said she can win this. Adam said go with who believed first. Blake says he and Miranda could adopt her (she said Miranda was one of her musical influences). She chose Blake!
Team Blake

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