Thursday, April 4, 2013

American Idol Season 12: The Top 7 Rock Out

Who was a "10"?

Amber, Angie, and Kree; each lady was so thoughtful about their song and so connected during their performance. Amber and Angie brought tears to my eyes.

Amber sang What About Love by Heart-- Amber received a standing ovation from the judges and with good reason. She was just flawless; I continue to hear so much of Whitney Houston in her. Keith thought it was a great song choice from Amber. Nicki said that the first line of the song melted her and it was her favorite of the night. Randy thought that she looked and sounded amazing. Mariah said that she has grown so much since she started this journey.

Angie sang Bring Me to Live by Evanescence-- Angie should be making this type of record. She was comfortable and in her element. Nicki thought the song was the perfect choice for her and that she sounded amazing. Randy also said she should make a record like this, great dynamics, great song. Mariah said that the song was her.

Kree sang Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin-- Kree is one of those singers who has so much natural talent that she can sing anything and pull it off. I think the public wonders, is she country? Rock? Pop? Well, she's so good that she can do it all. Randy said she rocked the stage. Mariah says it might be her favorite Kree performance. Kree revealed that she had a pinched nerve in her back. Keith gave her a ten out of ten for her professionalism. Nicki said magnificent, stunning, you're a natural; I'm obsessed with you.

Middle of the road?

Lazaro actually gave his personal best performance ever singing We Are the Champions by Queen. I thought this song perfectly fit Lazaro's personal situation as well as his voice. Nicki called it "crack juice" and felt he did the song justice. Mariah and Randy both said they were initially concerned but felt the song was a great choice for him. Keith said it played perfectly to his dramatics. Nicki also thought he had Ricky Martin sexiness.

Janelle Arthur sounded great singing You May Be Right by Billy Joel but the song wasn't really the best choice for her. Nicki thought the performance was sensational and Randy felt like he was at the Janelle concert. Keith thinks she improves every week, but this wasn't a good song choice for her.

In danger of going home?

Hate to say it, but Burnell singing You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi was a little bit too karaoke for my taste. All of the judges agreed that he needed to inject some of himself into that song.

Candice Glover's rendition of I Can't Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones was a little bit boring unfortunately. Keith thought her voice was powerful and effortless. Nicki loves her voice, but fell asleep during the song, and then booed before the audience booed her.

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