Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Idol Season 12: The Top Five Rise to the Occasion

It's been a while since the top five has been this on point. This top five had everything, and the best part is that each of them kept their own styles. The song selections overall were beautiful. I don't think anyone chose music that didn't fit them last night. I must agree with something that the judges said last night which is that I do think Janelle is in some trouble. Amber, Candice, and Kree have such big, powerful voices, and Angie, I think, really touched peoples hearts last night with her performances. I actually believe she had that breakthrough that the judges have been saying she needed to have. She came into her own and her song choices were just so heartfelt. If people don't vote for Amber after her performances last night, clearly, people don't have a grip on what true talent is. One way or another, Amber will be a star. Kree is also someone that is destined for stardom. I think those three ladies are the top three right now: Angie, Amber, and Kree. I love Candice, but something tells me she won't win this competition.

So the two themes for last night were: Songs from the Year you were Born and Divas.

Candice kicked off the show first (that is the kiss of death position by the way), it's tough to go first, and she did a great job. Amber got to end the show, and I hope that it gained her some votes because she deserves them.

Candice sang Straight Up by Paul Abdul and When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey-- Her second performance was better than her first. I think it was because the style was more naturally her. I will say I loved the way that she changed Straight Up to suit her style and vocal ability more. I have no idea what Jimmy Iovine was talking about when he said that the arrangement wasn't right. Randy thought her performance of When You Believe was the best of the night. Mariah thought that she did the song justice and told Whitney to rest in peace. Keith loved watching the way Mariah supported Candice like a sisterhood.

Janelle sang When I Call You Name by Vince Gill and Dumb Blonde by Dolly Parton-- Janelle's first performance was better than her second. The Vince Gill song was touching and heartfelt. I love the idea of Janelle singing Dolly Parton, but she should have chosen another song. I loved Nicki's comments about Janelle's voice being angelic in the first song; that's exactly what I think of her voice too. That being said, Janelle could be in trouble tonight.

Kree Harrison sang She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes and Have You Ever Been in Love by Celine Dion-- Wow, I think Kree had an amazing night. She is someone I consistently don't know what to say about her because she is just so talented. I liked her first choice, but I loved her second choice. Kree was really able to show her versatility. She can sing rock, pop, country, jazz, R&B; she gives so much in each performance and put her own nuances into it. On the first song, Mariah and Nicki had a little disagreement. Nicki thought it was the first current performance of the night, but Mariah felt she didn't completely lose herself in the song like she usually does. On the second song, slam dunk! Kree got a standing ovation and it was just such an effortless vocal. All the judges thought it was beautiful and loved her versatility.

Angie Miller sang I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders and Halo by Beyonce-- Angie was world class last night. Her tribute to Boston was beautiful. I loved  her sitting at the piano and just putting all her emotion and everything she had into it. Her spin on Halo was theatrical and filled with feeling. I loved towards the end where she kept repeating, "it's written all over your face" and "I pray it don't fade away". Nicki actually said you sang that Beyonce song like a Queen could. Keith predicted that she would be in the top three and Mariah exclaimed that Angie is here to stay.

Amber Holcomb sang Without You by Mariah Carey and What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life by Barbara Steisand-- Amber = young Whitney Houston. I think I loved her second performance more because as she said, it took her back to that jazzy blues style when she sang My Funny Valentine. That performance back when she began was when I knew she was the real deal. Amber was born to do this. She received standing ovations for both performances. I will agree with Nicki that when she sang Without You, it was tough for her to get down into that lower register of her voice. The second performance was perfection, Keith felt she knocked it out of the park and Mariah begged people to vote for Amber. I hope that they listened.

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