Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Voice Blind Auditions: Season 4, Night 6

The final night of blind auditions; how exciting! I am definitely ready to see what the final teams look like, and to pick my fave team. I want to evaluate who I think has the best chance of winning the show this year. Do Blake and Adam have the experience to make it to the finals? Are Usher and Shakira hungry enough to win?

Mark Lennon sang Come Together by The Beatles-- I thought Mark sounded great and I don't think that the judges did the right thing by not turning around. They thought he sounded too young and too clean.

Jacqui Sandell sang Dreams by Fleetwood Mac-- I loved her voice, it was haunting and magical. She has a lot of depth in her voice. Blake turned first, quickly followed by Usher. Blake loved her quick vibrato and sexy sound. Usher said he turned because he wanted to hear more and see more. Jacqui picked Blake which filled his team.
Team Blake!

Amber Carrington sang Good Girl by Carrie Underwood-- Adam was the only one who turned around! Shocking! I really liked this girl, I loved the grit in her voice. Blake said he was frustrated because he didn't get to turn around. Adam said he loves that she's so good, and now his team is full.
Team Adam!

Dustin Hatzenbuhler sang Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble-- Adam said it sounded like a show tune and it didn't swing like the original. Shakira urged him to come back and Adam echoed that. None of the judges turned, he had a good voice, but the judges were right, something about it seemed off.

Luke Edgemon sang I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt-- I definitely hear Luke's gospel and church influenced voice in there, and he sounds awesome. He has a great sound, it's very marketable. Shakira and Usher both turned; I think Adam and Blake would have turned if they could. Shakira thinks Luke's voice is phenomenal, and luckily, he ends up picking her making her team full.
Team Shakira!

Jessica Childress sang Marry You by -- Jessica was just so full of joy when she sang. I loved her, and as Adam said, I wanted to marry her. She was shocked when she found out that the other judges couldn't turn their chairs because their teams were full, but she was so happy to be on Team Usher.
Team Usher!

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