Monday, April 29, 2013

The Voice Season 4: The Knockout Rounds Team Adam and Team Shakira

Team Adam: Amber Carrington singing I'm With You by Avril Lavigne vs. Midas Whale singing Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder-- I am loving Amber (as a side note, Adam is all dressed up tonight!), I love her style and her voice. I like Midas Whale and their originality, but I didn't think that this was the right song for them, it was too much of a stretch. Blake said I like Amber as much as I can't stand Adam. Usher liked the "midas" touch. Shakira thinks Amber poses a great threat to her remaining members. Adam sees Amber grow and says Midas Whale blows him away every time. 
The knockout goes to: Amber

Team Shakira: Garrett Gardner singing Too Close by Alex Clare vs. Tawnya Reynolds singing Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies-- Both artists are playing their guitars in this knockout. I actually liked both of them, not an easy choice at all. Garrett has improved. I really liked Tawnya, I loved the control in her voice and the inflections. Adam felt that Garrett has improved greatly. Blake liked Tawnya's song choice, but didn't like the yodels. Shakira defends the yodels and says she added them; I liked them too. Usher actually compliments the yodels and says that not many people know how to control their voice in that way. Shakira says Tawnya was bad ass, and Garrett has grown as an artist. 
The knockout goes to: Garrett

Team Adam: Amy Whitcomb singing House of the Rising Sun by Animals vs. Caroline Glaser singing Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men-- Amy shines in a few places, but overall, I find her performance really pitchy. To me, she sounded better when she rehearsed with Adam. I disliked Caroline's song choice, the song did nothing for her, and she too was pitchy. Whoever gets picked has a lot of work to do. Blake felt Amy took a chance. Caroline was more consistent. Usher thought Caroline was shaky, and would give the knockout to Amy. Adam picked them cause they were opposites, and commented that they did better in rehearsals. 
The knockout goes to: Caroline

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas singing What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong vs. Mary Miranda singing Every Breath You Take by The Police-- Oh no, Kris was really pitchy; this is someone who has an incredible voice, but I feel like he pushed it too much. Mary seems a little confused with the tempo of the song, she was going between slow and fast. Blake and Usher agree that they find it difficult who to pick. Usher was impressed with Kris' voice, he felt Mary's personality was missing from this performance. 
The knockout goes to: Kris

Team Adam: Judith Hill singing Always on my Mind by Willie Nelson vs. Orlando Dixon singing All My Life by KC & JoJo-- I liked both performances, I felt that both of them were dialed in with their heart and soul; emotionally, both of them were there. I know everyone would pick Judith, but honestly, did these two need to be against each other as this stage? They were both so good. Blake said he would go with Judith because he couldn't find anything wrong with her performance. Usher thought Orlando had a great performance, but Judith had an incredible performance. Shakira said no lie how good Judith is, but Orlando has improved overall. Adam said he is proud of Orlando because of everything he has been through and cause he's a great guy; Judith's choice juxtaposes who she is and he felt it was amazing. 
The knockout goes to: Judith

Team Shakira: Karina Iglesias singing Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz vs. Monique Abbadie singing Power of Love by Celine Dion-- I loved Karina's song choice, and I did not like Monique's song choice at all. Monique was pitchy, but Karina didn't show a lot of stuff with this song. Usher was entertained by Karina's performance. Blake thought Monique showed more versatility. Shakira thought Monique showed a lot of vocal strength in her performance, and that Karina needs to be careful not to become a caricature, but she has a ton of potential. Shakira picked Karina for her confidence. 
The knockout goes to: Karina 

Team Adam: Warren Stone singing I Just Died in Your Arms by Cutting Crew vs. Sarah Simmons singing Wild Horses by  Rolling Stones-- Warren's performance was pretty unreal; I loved the way he changed up this song and made it his own. Sarah's voice was angelic. I loved both of them genuinely. Blake said it was the best he heard Warren sing, and Sarah lit the place on fire. Usher though Warren had it won, but Sarah blew him away. Shakira would give the knockout to Sarah. I could tell Adam genuinely liked both of them, and had a hard time choosing. 
The knockout goes to: Sarah

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen singing At Last by Etta James vs. Shawna P. singing Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney--  This was a real battle, both of these women were so good, I was wishing both of them could move on. If I had to choose though, Sasha's emotion and vocals proved to be legit. Adam said Sasha was incredible, and Shawna had the grit for this song; he'd pick Sasha. Blake thought it was the best knockout ever, and said Sasha is a front runner. Usher said he wishes that he had fought harder for Sasha. Shakira said Sasha was shining, and she thinks Shawna is already great and loves her as a person. 
The knockout goes to: Sasha

Tomorrow-- Team Blake and Team Usher......

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