Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Voice Blind Auditions Season Six: Night One

**4 Chair Turn** Christina Grimmie sang Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus-- I absolutely loved Christina's take on this song, it was different than the original. What was great about it was how powerful her vocals were as the song built and how she went from loud to soft with such control. This is someone I would watch throughout. Adam praised her comfort level on the stage. Shakira said Adam is tired. Usher said he would understand who she is as an artist and how to unlock her full potential. Blake said he just wants to see her win this show. Christina says she loves all of them but ...
Christina chose Adam

TJ Wilkins sang Bennie and the Jets by Elton John-- The three guys turned around, and Shakira should have joined in because TJ has an awesome voice and I loved the way that he sang this. He took Bennie and the Jets and turned it into an even more soulful version of the song. His range was pretty impressive too; he should go far! Adam said he has a unique flair because it was an Elton John song but an R&B performance. Usher thought his creativity is what helps to define him as an artist. Blake joked with him and said his full voice when he goes for high notes in unbelievable. Shakira said mix it up, be adventurous, go with Blake.
TJ chose Usher

Kristen Merlin sang Something More by Sugarland -- An excited Adam and fist pumping Shakira turned around for Kristen. There is something about her voice that's quite different, I just don't know that her voice impressed me in the way that other contestants have. Adam liked the way that she dipped in and out of notes. Blake said he didn't hit his button because she has a fast vibratto and Blake feels Shakira could help her control that. Shakira said if Kristen picks her she would call Miranda to have Miranda coach her to be Kristen's coach.
Kristen chose Shakira

Tanner Linford sang Stay by Rihanna-- No one turned. I actually really liked this kid, at 16, for him to be able to go on stage and sing like that with so much confidence. I wish I had that quality. Adam told him to work on feeling and living the song. Usher said that he hopes Tanner works on his voice and comes back, and he said he would. I am definitely hoping to see him again. Blake said Tanner already has a great voice and something that separates him from others. Adam said don't change when the ladies start falling all over you.

**4 Chair Turn** Biff Gore sang A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke-- Biff is so passionate about music and you can tell that from his performance. Adam was right with what he said, some things are just classic, and you don't want to mess with it, you just want to be a part of it. Shakira asked if she could be his date at the Grammy's when they win this. Usher said individuality is what makes you stand out from the rest. Blake said you just took me to church.
Biff chose Usher (I thought he was going to pick Blake)

Dawn & Hawkes sang I've Just Seen a Face by The Beatles-- I loved this duo so much. They remind me of Alex and Sierra who just won X Factor. There's something about them that is so pure, genuine, and organic. This comes so naturally to them, and I feel like they are going to be in this competition for a while. Adam and Shakira turned. Adam said based on his taste and his roots that was his favorite performance he's ever seen on The Voice. He said that in some way he needs to be a part of their journey. Shakira agreed with Adam and felt embraced by them and captivated by their performance. Usher and Blake threw their support to Shakira but nevertheless....
Dawn & Hawkes chose Adam (Dawn was blown away by Adam's heartfelt speech)

Leo Gallo sang Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke-- Wow, I thought he was entertaining and I actually liked his voice, I am disappointed that the judges didn't turn around, it sure seemed like they were toying with the idea. His range was dope. Blake asked Leo and Adam if they wanted to exchange numbers. Leo said he wanted to dance with one of the judges and said he heard that Blake has moves. Leo then broke out into a dance and the judges were impressed. Adam asked him to come back and hold back on the dancing and focus on his voice.

Jeremy Briggs sang Bad Company by Bad Company-- I liked Jeremy and I think he has a powerful rock voice, but it's a little bit dated, very 80's. Blake and Shakira turned. Blake loved the way he sang through that first verse, it was smooth and had power. Shakira said she is hungry for success, Blake said, "we'll fix you a sandwich". She emphasized how much she wants to win.
Jeremy chose Shakira

Jake Worthington sang Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley-- He has improved so much. I can't even believe the difference from one year to the next. I loved the fullness and the feeling in his voice; it was touching. Adam turned, then Blake and finally Shakira (who Blake told to turn back around). Adam said I know you were waiting for Blake to turn around, but I did not wait for Blake to turn around. Adam called his performance perfect and Shakira agreed, and Jake said, you're perfect Shakira. Blake said he sang a true country song and asked him if he wanted to start his journey into country music with Adam. Jake said, Adam I appreciate you fighting for me, and my aunt thinks you're the sexiest thing on Earth, but I have to go with Blake.
Jake chose Blake

Karina Mia sang Beneath Your Beautiful by Emeli Sande and Labrinth-- No one turned for her. I agree with Usher, I was waiting for a little more from her, but I agree with Blake's thoughts as well. Blake thought her middle range was spectacular and loved her vibrato.

**4 Chair Turn** Bria Kelly sang Steamroller Blues by James Taylor-- Bria was electrifying, it was almost impossible to believe that that voice came out of her. At 17, to have that level of maturity is incredible. Adam and Blake turned quickly, followed by Shakira, and Usher was the last to turn. Bria had said that her preference for a coach was Adam, but who knows if that will hold true. Adam said I can't believe that was you, and Bria expressed that she feels like she was born in the wrong generation. Usher said she was born in the right generation and it's brought them together.... awwww..... Bria said she used to play country and Blake called her a stud. Shakira said Bria reminds her or herself, and she has an energy that takes over the room. Blake said I am your fan no matter what. Usher tried to bribe her with a Grammy, and Adam joked that if you're Usher you can turn your Grammy's into shoes. I like Usher, but I feel like it was lame that he brought out his Grammy. Like Blake said, what does his Grammy have to do with her?
Bria chose Usher (watch another coach snatch her up after he dumps her, bets?)

Way too many people impressed me on this show.

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