Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Voice Blind Auditions Season Six: Night Three

**4 Chair Turn** Ryan Whyte Maloney sang Lights by Journey-- I don't think I understood why this was a four chair turn, but I would love for him to prove it to me. Usher said he waited to turn because he wanted to see if Ryan would work for it and he did. Adam said they both have high voices so they're friends already; he compared him to the great Steve Perry. Blake called him a stud and loved his high voice. Shakira said that they are a match made in heaven. Ryan said his kids would tell him to choose Team Blake so ....
Ryan chose Blake

Deshawn Washington sang Twistin' the Night Away by Sam Cooke-- I loved Deshawn's performance, that's real soul music; we need more voices in the market like that. Wow, Shakira was the only intelligent person to turn. Usher than proceeded to call himself stupid, yup, you're stupid Usher. Shakira said, guys get over it, I'm the only smart one here. He has vintage soul.
Deshawn chose Shakira

Sam Behymer sang Royals by Lorde-- I actually really liked how her voice was so free, you could hear flaws but the flaws seemed deliberate. Her voice was breathy. Adam and Usher turned. Adam said Sam is a breath of fresh air. Usher said if you'd like to be on my team I would compliment your growth, and talked about how he loves individuality and mentioned Michelle Chamuel. Usher said hopefully you'll be on my team later if Adam doesn't understand you.
Sam chose Adam

Lightning Rounds....

Savanna Santos sang The Way I Am
Scott Stevens sang Boondocks
Aaleilah Dixon sang Want U Back......... and no one chose any of these people

Brendan Ryan sang Love on Top by Beyonce-- The judges are idiots. I thought that someone should have turned around. Usher tried to excuse it, but there's no excuse. Blake was right, they missed out on that one.
He had a great range, and very talented, playing the guitar and all that, wow, they should bring him back.

Brothers Walker sang Keep Me in Mind by Zac Brown Band-- I love how their voices blend together so well, but then again, they should because they're not just brothers but twins. This was a great song choice for them too. Seriously why did no one turn around except for Usher at the last second?
Brothers Walker chose Usher

**4 Chair Turn** Clarissa Serna sang Zombie by The Cranberries-- Clarissa has a great rock voice, but what's even better is that she didn't try to copy the original version of the song. She took it and made it very much her own. It kind of annoyed me is that Usher waited until the last second once again to turn around. Adam turned quickly, followed by Shakira, and Blake. I was a little surprised initially that she chose Shakira as her coach, but it makes sense, Shakira is a rocker as well. What annoyed me the most was Shakira comparing herself to Alexander the Great..... seriously Shakira.
Clarissa chose Shakira

Montage time (hate when they do this...)

Lindsay Pagano sang Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera and co.-- She chose Team Shakira
Joshua Howard sang This is What it Feels Like by Armin Van Buuren-- He chose Team Adam
Tanner James sang Heaven by Bryan Adams-- He chose Team Usher

Melissa Jimenez sang If I Aint's Got You by Alicia Keys-- Shakira perked up when she heard her singing in Spanish. Usher and Shakira both pushed their buttons at the same time at the very end. Usher liked that she started singing in acapella. Shakira and Melissa were conversing and I thought that they were relating to each other pretty well. Melissa picked Usher because she sees herself being the female version of him. She does have a good voice, I'd like to see how she will grow in the competition; I think she is someone who could be around for a while.
Melissa chose Usher

Patrick Thomson sang Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band-- I have to say, I hope Patrick will impress me in the next round because I didn't see him getting by the blind audition. It was just a little too ordinary for my liking. However, Blake and Adam turned around.
Patrick chose Adam

**4 Chair Turn**Sisaundra Lewis sang Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin-- This started off a little rough but she really brought it home. She has one of those really powerful gospel voices, but it's also different, the tone and range of her voice is great. Shakira was the first to turn, then Adam, then Blake, and after she hit the high note Usher was in at the end. Blake said he's way in over his head because he thinks he has no chance of getting her. He says I would buy your record tomorrow, please pick me. Adam doesn't think it's her best so her best must be incredible. Usher says he was reluctant to push his button cause this is one of his favorite songs, and he sees opportunity for growth. Shakira thinks her voice is ravishing and says she's good with girls cause she's a girl and Adam says I'm good with girls too baby.
Sisaundra chose Blake


My fave two of the night were Clarissa and Sisaundra

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