Wednesday, March 19, 2014

American Idol Season 13: The Top Ten Sing Top Tens

This was an up and down night of performances with lots of combat between the judges.

MK sang Perfect by Pink-- Love that track by Pink, didn't love the way she did it. Her vocals sounded weak and a little bit sloppy. She started strong, and it sounded like she ran out of breath and lost herself at the end. Keith told her to own the stage a little bit more. Jenn felt more emotion from her when she started the song than ever before. Harry didn't think it was one of her stronger performances. He feels she could put together a good album but wonders what she would put together a live show.
Score: 4 out of 10

Dexter Roberts sang Cruise by Florida Georgia Line-- This is literally one of my fave country songs ever. I love how it always makes you want to sing, and I loved how Dexter got into the song as well as the performance aspect of it. Jenn felt he sang it well, but wished he had done more to get the crowd with him. Harry did not think it was a good performance because he didn't get bigger than the song. Keith thought it was a good song choice and feels he is consistent. He liked how the song was slowed down at the beginning. Keith asked why he didn't do that throughout, and said to keep going with that and who he really is. I think with the exception of Keith, the judges are full of it. With hit songs, you're not ever going to be bigger than the song unless you have something super magical up your sleeve. And he did get the crowd in to it so I have no idea what Jenn is talking about.
Score: 7 out of 10

Jena Irene sang Clarity by Zedd-- Jena had some great energy on stage and got into it with the crowd. It started out a little quiet. It did sound like there were some technical problems, but her vocals trumped that once she got into the song. Harry said he could get a clear idea of who she is to that performance, and felt she did a lot to it considering there isn't a lot to the melody. Harry said he felt like he was at Ultra. Keith thought she moved around a lot and looked comfortable doing it. Jenn loved her singing that song.
Score:  8 out of 10

Alex Preston sang Story of my Life by One Direction-- I don't know about how the judges feel, but I liked that performance. Alex stayed true to who he was but still captured the intention of the song. His vocals were in a nice comfortable place. Keith thought he made it his own. Jenn said he owned the stage, sounded great, and reminded her of Buddy Holly. She said he evoked greatness. Harry thought he hit the bulls eye on the artistry target and leads the pack in that category.
Score: 9 out of 10

Malaya Watson sang When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars-- Love Bruno Mars, and his style suits her so much. I am happy she made the choice to not play the piano but to sit for the performance. I did feel her emotion and he sincerity so I did agree with the judges comments here. Jenn said that her not changing the lyrics did not affect her and she still had "goosies". Harry thought she was sincere in interpreting the lyrics. Keith loved hearing the control in her voice, and said it really pulled him in.
Score: 9 out of 10

Caleb Johnson sang Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga-- Caleb transformed that song and made it his own. I loved it, I anticipated those spots that get big and loud and dynamic and he handled those places exactly as I thought he would. Harry liked how he took this song and put his own spin on it. He gives him an "A+" for originality, but does feel he has done better performances. Keith said you have a killer tone and no one else has that sound. He didn't like the half time feel of it that Harry liked. He thought there was an imbalance in energy. Jenn thought it suited him in the half time feel but she thought it lacked the feeling.
Score: 8 out of 10

CJ Harris sang Invisible by Hunter Hayes-- I'm a little bit unsure of his performance. I do feel that he felt every word, but I felt like his vocals faltered in a few places. I could hear when he was going off key, and I am pretty sure he was aware of it. Keith said he nailed that song in rehearsal, but it was shaky tonight. He needs to stay in control of the pitch when the cameras are on. Work on it cause you have everything else going for you. Jenn said there is no doubt that his heart is in it. Harry said he is singing out of tune, and he needs to get his pitch in check. He purposely doesn't go to rehearsals because he doesn't care what people do in rehearsal.
Scores: 6 out of 10

Jessica Meuse sang Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People-- Jessica .... Jessica, I am still waiting for you to break out of this slump you're in. I liked this song choice, but it was quite provocative. Like Ryan said, when I played it for the first time, I didn't really hear it. I agree 100% with Jenn on this, I liked it and I understand the fact that she was trying to find that balance between lyrics and music. I think Harry took it a little too hard and literally. Jenn thought it felt really good tonight. Harry disagreed with Jenn and felt she had a complacent smile on her face. He felt her voice was one dimensional, and didn't get why she was smiling. Keith liked it and thought that she made it her own. Harry emphasized that the lyrics are not happy lyrics. Jenn said there is something more to it than the lyrics, there's the trippy melody and the groovy drive to it, so she believes Jessica was trying to find that balance in between on this.
Score: 7 out of 10

Majesty Rose sang Wake Me Up by Avicci-- I am indifferent to this. I am not a huge fan of this song to begin with so I actually liked the fact that she tried to change it. I don't necessarily think this was a winning performance for her. I still haven't seen from Majesty what I feel I want to see and hear or should see and hear. Harry felt like this performance was the Majesty that he liked when he first heard her. Keith likes Majesty but felt that the song didn't work the way she performed it. He thinks her voice always delivers. Jenn saw fear at the beginning of her performance and she said she needs to not allow herself to be affected by the negative things.
Score: 6 out of 10

Sam Woolf sang We Are Young by f.u.n. feat. Janelle Monae-- I liked this performance very much, it was actually one of my favorite tonight. I appreciated the arrangement, Sam's voice was dead on. I think he is one of the most talented contestants in the competition. Keith said he didn't have a lot of time to speak to him tonight, but said he will speak to him next week. Jenn loved it, thought it was so much better than last week. Harry still feels like he is timid. Really? I didn't feel like it was timid at all.
Score: 9  out of 10

My bottom 3 prediction: MK, Majesty, and CJ
Who is going home? MK

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