Monday, March 24, 2014

The Voice Season Six: The Second Weeks of Battles Roll On

Team Adam: Austin Ellis vs. Josh Kaufman sang Happy By Pharrell-- Both of these guys brought their "a" game. They were so tight vocally and their charm was able to win over the entire audience, and they had a camaraderie that was obvious on stage. Blake thought there was so much energy on stage. He felt Adam was solid, and he couldn't keep up with Josh. Usher said he would give it to Josh but says Austin has talent. Shakira called it one of the best battles, and thought they were both great singers and won over the audience. Adam said he was proud of both of them and they are equally good singers.
Who should win? Josh but Austin should get a steal
Adam chose Josh
(Usher why didn't you steal Austin?)

Team Blake: Alaska & Madi vs. Audra McLaughlin sang When Will I Be Loved by Linda Ronstadt-- Audra was cracking a lot in the higher notes and in the breaks; it was a little wobbly. I enjoyed the harmonies of the duo and I would choose them. Adam said he was upset cause he had to watch that performance and he has no steal left. He said he would have picked whoever didn't get picked. Usher and Shakira both seemed indifferent, and foolishly didn't use their steal. Adam told Usher he was a fool for not picking them. He said he would have picked Audra had Blake not picked her (whatevs, you wouldn't have).
Who should win? Alaska & Madi
Blake chose Audra

Team Shakira: Deja Hall vs. Music Box sang Eternal Flame by The Bangles-- Overall, I didn't think this song suited these ladies, but I would tend to go with Deja because she is so young and therefore has so much potential. Adam felt similarly. Blake said Deja has power but Music Box stands out and has a different sound than most. Usher said Deja is far beyond her age in voice, and said both of them will go far. Shakira called Music Box's tone, but felt she needed to focus on being vulnerable. She said Deja displayed power.
Who should win? Deja
Shakira chose Deja.... Usher stole Music Box (really Usher?, the steals have been kind of weird this season)

Team Usher: Madilyn Paige vs. Tanner James sang Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift-- I liked both of them, they were so good. They were believable, I believed that they were in love during that performance. It was also pure and innocent not only in portrayal but in voice. Adam said it was cute overload and it was so romantic, sweet, and sincere. Blake found both of them adorable. Usher called Tanner a heartthrob, and he felt Madilyn arrived. You supported each other but took the liberty to go outside your comfort zones and you let your personalities come out.
Who should win? I can't choose I genuinely liked both of them.
Usher chose Madilyn

Team Adam: Dawn & Hawkes vs. Josh Murley sang Stuck in the Middle with You by Steelers Wheel-- I loved it, it sounded like they were having a jam session. It was cool, but it was tough to hear each of them as individuals, I would find it difficult to choose someone. Usher was glued to the performance, so much so that he was waiting for their individuality to come out. Shakira said this group made her feel like having a beer. She called it a feel good performance.
Who should win? Unsure, but I loved Dawn & Hawkes' blind audition so much, everything they do seems magical.
Adam chose Dawn & Hawkes.... at the very last second as Josh was walking out Shakira stole him

Team Usher: Bria Kelly vs. Tess Boyer sang Take Another Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin-- This was a strong battle from both of these ladies. I knew that Bria was going to pull through but to have Tess rise to the occasion was amazing. Tess deserves to get a steal. Adam said he is terrified of Team Usher because of Bria, she was his big loss. He did say that he wasn't a fan of Tess before but he is now. Blake felt that Tess took this battle. Usher said something special happened with Tess tonight.
Who should win? Bria
Usher chose Bria, and Blake stole Tess

Cannot wait until the last night of Battles tomorrow! Until then........

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