Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Voice Blind Auditions Season Six: Night Four

The Blind Auditions continue on....

Megan Ruger sang Just Like a Pill by Pink--This was one of those performances that grew stronger as she sang. By the end I was like, why hasn't anyone turned around yet? When she hit the chorus, she hit her stride. There's definitely an edge to her voice so Pink's song really suited her. Blake and Usher looked at each other and turned at the end. Blake says he wants to win; Usher feels he could help her work on her weaknesses. He wants to be the mentor who brings out the best in her. She asks who loves 80's rock more, and Blake says it's him. I was a little surprised that...
Megan chose Blake

Morgan Wallen sang Collide by Howie Day-- I love his voice, and I actually like this better than the original. Sorry Howie Day, and where are you? What I like the most is how he ended the song, amazing! Morgan's voice has a great rasp to it like Michael Bolton. Shakira turned quickly, almost right after he started singing. Usher turned a little later in the game. Shakira says she turned because there isn't another voice like his on radio, and she likes the grit in his voice. Usher believes he has a lot of potential and wants to coach him. I thought Morgan would go with Shakira.
Morgan chose Usher

James Cavern sang Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye, no one turned.


Dani Moz sang I Need Your Love, and she goes to Shakira
Music Box sang You Gotta Be by Desiree, and she goes to Shakira
Lexi Luca sang Wasting All These Tears on You by Casadee Pope, and she goes to Blake

Emily B. sang Wicked Games by Chris Isaak-- I love Emily's voice, she has a breathy quality to her voice. The song fit her like a glove with the changes she made to it. The runs were HOT. I am actually surprised that Adam didn't turn around and make this a four chair turn. Adam admitted he was stupid for not turning around..... well done Adam! Blake thinks her falsetto is strong and she nailed it. Emily said as long as she can get some soul into it, she's happy. Usher said he knows about soul and Blake said he has one. Shakira liked that she changed the arrangement.
Emily chose Shakira

Stevie Jo sang There Goes My Baby by Usher-- So funny how Blake and Adam were debating whether or not to push the button, but Adam agreed he was going to go with Usher. There's no doubt that Stevie has no problem using his falsetto. I can't wait to hear him sing other songs. I hope every performance is as good as or better than that one. The judges thought he was black, but he's actually a white man from Texas, lol. Usher said he made a great song choice, and Shakira loved how he worked his way through the high notes and called his falsetto perfect.

People who didn't make it....
Josh McMillan, Melany Watson, and Branden Mendoza

**4 Chair Turn** Audra McLaughlin sang Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt-- I am not sure that I am as enthusiastic about her as the judges are. I think I will make my determination when I hear her sing a different song. Adam exclaimed that he turned around way before anyone else, and Blake said who gives a crap. Shakira said she is the one that they've been waiting for, it has raspyness, sweetness, and power. Adam said she is isn't wearing cowboy boots so she has a chance. Blake played the wife card and said that Miranda used to sing that song all the time. Blake said when she was singing fireworks went off in his head and spelled out team Blake. Blake is so funny.

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