Monday, March 10, 2014

The Voice Blind Auditions Season Six: Night Five

Kat Perkins sang Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac-- Kat has an awesome rock voice; I love the raw talent of someone like her. Adam and Shakira turned and then Usher a little later in the game. Usher called her a country singer. Were we listening to the same person Usher? Shakira said she wants her to be the architect of her own destiny. Adam said that last note at the end seared the entire audience. Kat said she chose Adam because he was so determined and confident in his pitch.
Kat chose Adam

Gabi Ramirez sang The A Team by Ed Sheeran-- I had a feeling when he was singing that she judges were not going to turn. Perhaps it was the song, but it just was not special enough. Shakira talked about the dynamics lacking.

Paula Deanda sang The Way by Arianna Grande-- Wow, I loved Paula Deanda, this is an amazing story because I remember when she first came out and I loved her single Walk Away. Adam called Blake a no brainer, lol. Blake made a great pitch, he said she's not afraid to try anything. Blake sees a victory in her future. Maybe it was because she's a Texas girl, but Paula went with Blake. I was surprised because she thought she was going to go with Shakira.
Paula chose Blake

Jake Barker sang When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars-- I didn't care for some of the vocal choices that he made. It was slightly weird because he was up high for the entire song. Usher turned first, then Adam and Shakira. Jake said that he has never performed on a stage before. Shakira liked the trills whereas Adam didn't care for them and felt he needed coaching. Usher said he would support what he wants to do (even if it's wrong?). Shakira said you can allow yourself to be vulnerable with me. Usher said do you want a mom or a mentor?
Jake chose Usher

Lightning Rounds....

Tess Boyer sang Wings by Lil Mix and she went to Team Usher
Josh Murley sang The Freshman by The Verve Pipe and he went to Team Adam
Austin Ellis Drift Away by Dobie Gray and he went to Team Adam
Cali Tucker (Tanya Tucker is her aunt) sang Black Velvet Alannah Myles and she went to Team Blake

Luke Cooper sang Radioactive by Imagine Dragons-- I liked all the small details that came out of his voice as he was singing. Oh wait, we're almost done and no one has turned around yet, what's going on? Wow, really, no one turned!

Ria Eaton sang Cups by Lulu and the Lampshades-- She really deserved for Shakira and Blake to turn around at the last minute. I loved that rasp in her voice, and I hope she goes far in this competition. Blake felt she sang better when she started to think no one was going to turn around. Shakira said she is like a pearl inside an oyster. Adam and Usher tried to get Ria to pick Shakira and even got the audience on her side, but she said she had to go with her heart and she picked Blake.
Ria chose Blake

Cierra Mickens sang Crazy by Knarls Barkley-- Loved her song choice and how her voice kept getting stronger and the dynamics were becoming more and more distinct. Shakira went up and congratulated her. Blake tried to say Usher turned too late. Adam was the only one who didn't turn. Cierra said she picked Shakira because of how genuine she was.
Cierra chose Shakira

Tyler Montgomery sang I Wish by Stevie Wonder-- No one turned around. Adam told Tyler to come back because his voice has an amazing tone to it. I agree. I think perhaps he needed to choose a different song.

Alaska & Madi sang Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars-- The girls were so in tune, the dynamics were right on. I like them a lot. Adam turned first and then Blake. Adam was confident in his pitch, but Blake talked about how they're from Oklahoma, and he compared them to the Pistol Annie's and said I'm married to one of them. Adam begged them to pick him, and they said despite the fact that they love Adam, they were going to have to choose Blake.
Alaska & Madi chose Blake

Ddendyl sang Stand By Me by Ben E. King-- She has an interesting tone for sure. Shakira turned early, she has a similar tone to Shakira. This is also a surprising song choice for her, but she's singing it so well. I like how she reinvented it, and it looks like she's on Team Shakira.
Ddendyl is on Team Shakira

People who didn't make it....
Theresa Payne sang Crazy in Love by Beyonce
Bryson Dunn sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston
Unidentified sang Thunderdome by Tina Turner

Josh Kaufman sang One More Try by George Michael-- Amazing! I forgot how much I love George Michael. That performance was amazing, his vocals were ridiculous. I loved the feeling, loved the tone. Adam turned, then Blake, then Shakira, and lastly Usher. Usher feels soul music is at the base of all music. Adam said he has an extensive knowledge of music and commented about how quickly he turned around. Blake said those are the knee jerk reactions you can expect from him as a coach. Adam said that's passion. Shakira said people are at a stage now where they want the real thing not gimmicks and he is the real deal. He could pick anyone. After Josh picked Adam he commented that Josh could win the whole thing.
Josh chose Adam


Luke Cooper said...

You're very kind. Thank you! Yes, I googled myself ;) My shakiest performance to date but nerves isn't an excuse in the big leagues. I agreed with the critiques and am using them and continuing down this path and seeing where it leads. Again, thanks very much :)

Luke Cooper said...
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Miss V. said...

Luke, you're very welcome! I hope that you audition next year, and I hope you continue reading my blog too.