Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Voice Season 8: Live! Team Christina and Team Adam

Team Adam: Tonya Boyd Cannon sang Take Me to the Pilot by Elton John-- Blake said Tonya embraced this moment. Christina said I just loved it because I love anything that sounds like church. Pharrell said you took America on a trip, it was magical how you got everyone's spirit moving. Adam said Tonya is a confidence builder, and she's bold. I loved Tonya's energy and she made it even more gospel than the original. Her performance really just bled of authenticity.

Team Adam: Joshua Davis sang Budapest by George Ezra-- Blake said there's something about your voice, and it was dumb of me to let you go, but you're with the right guy now. Christina said your voice is so soothing, it's so comforting. Pharrell said what you've done makes me interested in your future. I loved Joshua's stage presence and his vocals were so easy to listen to. I really liked this.

Team Christina: Sonic sang I'm Goin Down by Mary J. Blige-- Blake said your attack coming back from the tough parts was so powerful. I love that raw anger and energy you have. Pharrell said it was relentless. Hmmm I am unsure of that performance. I am a huge Sonic fan but I felt like that was a little bit forced.

Team Adam: Brian Johnson sang At This Moment by Billy Vera-- Blake said you get better every time, you're a perfect vocalist. Christina said you poured so much heart into that. Pharrell said you expressed yourself and everyone got it, you hit every note so comfortably. Adam said I know you want to win The Voice, but it's more important for you to sing, I think you're amazing. Brian has such an amazing gift. His performances are always so powerful and he just has this beautiful way of emoting through his voice.

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole sang What's Up by 4 Non Blonds-- Pharrell said it was perfection, you have so much depth of soul in your voice and your personality. Adam said Kimberly, that was amazing, that's a really hard song to sing and you destroyed it. Blake said that was unbelievable. I loved Kimberly's performance, she is such a special performer. There's so much humility, and yet her confidence is like no other. Standing ovation, well deserved.

Team Christina: Lexi Davila sang All by Myself by Celine Dion-- Adam said I'm so proud of you, and I am so genuinely happy for you. Christina said you made me so happy to watch you on this journey, you loosened up and tried new things. You nailed it. This song seemed to be a little bit unrelatable for Lexi, I understand why Christina chose it, but she's 17, so the meaning could still be a little bit lost. Her vocals were strong.

Team Adam: Nathan Hermida sang Chains by Nick Jonas-- Pharrell said it sounded good. Adam said he gets 100% for effort and he heard vocal issues but he felt that they could be fixed. I felt like he went off key a little, and I wanted him to hit that higher note in the song that Nick Jonas hits and he didn't. It was kind of anti climatic.

Team Christina: India Carney sang Hurt by Christina Aguilera-- Pharrell said that was like watching a film, you just closed the show for me. Blake said it was emotional, dramatic, and powerful. Christina, your team is unbelievable. Christina said I am so speechless, something happens when you walk on the stage. India's performance was so heartfelt and so powerful that it moved me to tears.

Team Christina: Rob Taylor sang Earned it by The Weeknd-- Pharrell said good brother, to me, that is the definition of different and effortless. Adam said, Rob damn, I love how you put yourself into every note. I don't know what to say. Christina said you have everything, and every time you come out here, it's so unexpected. Rob has a special voice, his full voice is amazing, and like Christina said, when he goes into his falsetto, he lights up, magic happens.

Team Adam: Deanna Johnson sang Down to the River to Pray by Allison Krauss-- Blake said I had my doubts about what would happen to you in the lives, this was outstanding. Pharrell said I love the wholesome sense to your voice. Adam said we have had a lot of conversations about self esteem, you finally did what I have been dying for you to do, it was flawless. I think Deanna just gave the performance of her life, and salvaged the night for Team Adam. Her voice is gorgeous and her spirit and is beautiful.

Who is going home:

Team Adam: Nathan Hermida and either Joshua Davis or Brian Johnson-- that's a toss up
Team Christina: Sonic and Lexi Davila

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