Tuesday, April 7, 2015

American Idol Season 14: We've Come Full Circle, It's Kelly Clarkson Night

Last Wednesday night was dedicated to Kelly Clarkson on American Idol. It was the first time a former champ was honored on the show with their own night, Clarkson was the first and original American Idol so it seems that things have come full circle. 

I have decided for the essence of time to rank the performances in order from worst to best.......

Performance Order: 

Nick Fradiani sang Catch My Breath
Jax sang Beautiful Disaster 
Tyanna Jones sang Mr. Know it All 
Joey Cook sang Miss Independent
Quentin Alexander sang Dark Side
Qaasim Middleton sang Stronger
Clark Beckham sang The Trouble with Love Is

Daniel Seavey sang Breakaway
Rayvon Owen sang Since U Been Gone

Not Good:
Daniel Seavey-- under pressure, Daniel crumbled, this was not good, not by a longshot, he was out of his league for a while 
Qaasim Middleton-- remaking a song does not make it better. Stripping this song back showed the many flaws in his vocals which he really needs to work on. 

Middle of the Pack:
Clark Beckham-- such a great vocalist but all his performances are becoming unsoundly similar. He needs to step it up and show some other sides of himself or he's going to become very one trick pony.  Nick Fradiani-- Nick is almost in the better category. His vocals are there but there needs to be more passion behind his performances. He was connected to the performance which was another plus. 

Tyanna Jones-- The vocal was amazing, but there was no connection to the song. This is an upbeat song with some attitude, she should have easily been able to connect to this.  
Jax-- Jax is a really artist and has all the passion in the world, but she is inconsistent in terms of vocals. 

Rayvon Owen-- he sang for his life, and turned in the performance of the night. He turned Since U Been Gone into a ballad instead of an anthem. It was sad, and he dug deep. 
Quentin Alexander-- the most artistic of the whole bunch. Quentin is intense and probably the best story teller of the bunch. He may not have the biggest or best voice, but what he does is powerful. 
Joey Cook-- Joey made this song her own. Harry gave her an A+ for bravery and I agree. She really turned this into a jazz song with no fear, and it sounded amazing. 

Who is going home? Qaasim, he's out of saves. 

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