Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Top 6 on American Idol Season 14 Become 5!

Jax sang Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet-- Keith said that's how you open a show, and I loved it as you got towards the end. Jenn liked how the performance was like total abandon. Harry said he has a sense of what she would be like in concert, and he thought her performance was strong. I enjoyed this Jax performance, and I have been hard on her throughout the competition cause I feel like I want to hear her the way she was when I first heard her. She is finally coming back to that, and I am seeing that Jax that I thought was fun, carefree, and had this amazing rock voice.

Nick Fradiani sang Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5-- Jenn said he gets stronger every time he performs, and she thought it was the perfect song for him. Harry said that was scary for the other people in the competition. Keith said vocally you're finding your lane, he told him to find his center more in terms of the performance. I agree with the judges, this was an amazing performance and Nick keeps getting better every week. The song definitely suited him vocally, he should be rocking out like this every week.

Clark Beckham sang Yesterday by The Beatles-- Harry said I liked that you didn't use high notes gratuitously; it was terrific. Keith said it was such an interesting choice, because it's an old song, but you make it fresh and current. Jenn said you tapped into the emotion of the song. I liked this performance; however, I felt like there were places where Clark was having pitch issues.

Tyanna Jones sang Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus-- Keith said it was good to see the fun side of you. Jenn said it was the most comfortable she has ever seen her. I actually liked her singing this, it was a totally different direction for her and it paid off.

Quentin Alexander sang Light My Fire by The Doors-- Jenn said she wants more from him vocally, but she believes he is a very centered performer. Harry liked the vocal along with the band, he felt the arrangement was cool. Keith thinks he is so original. I actually am sad that Quentin and Rayvon are in this position because I genuinely love both of them. This was a strong, clear vocal, loved it.

Rayvon Owen sang I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith--  Harry thought he did a great job and felt he knocked that performance out of the park. Keith said if you were the first one to sing that, it would have been a hit. Jenn said what if you fight your way back to the top. I absolutely loved this performance, it was so gentle, yet so strong. The vocal was just off the charts, and I hope the judges are right.

Second Performances--

Nick Fradiani sang Maggie May by Rod Stewart-- Keith felt like it was a good song for him. Jenn also thought it was a good song choice. Harry said I could see you playing a two or three hour show on the road. I like the humility that Nick possesses, I liked the way he got into the performance.

Tyanna Jones sang Heaven by Bryan Adams-- Jenn said she is elegant and mature despite her age, not her fave performance, but necessary to see. Harry asked what she would like to record on her album. Tyanna answered that she is a mix of everything.

Clark Beckham sang Boyfriend by Justin Bieber-- Harry said it was not the right song for you to do that on. Harry said you're a melody singer. Jenn didn't think it created a moment.

Jax sang White Flag by Dido-- Keith said you held my attention for the entire song. Jenn thought it was a beautiful performance. Harry called it phenomenal and a great song choice.

Quentin Alexander sang Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine-- Jenn said you're riveting to watch. Harry asked if Quentin would let producers auto tune him, and he said no because he wants people to hear the raw product.

Rayvon Owen sang Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac-- Jenn thought it was a really good performance and she said he fights every single time. Harry said you just had to get that big ole high note in there, didn't you.

Rayvon won the save over Quentin for the fourth time. Tyanna could be in some trouble next week.

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