Thursday, November 15, 2012

The X Factor: Season 2, The Top 12 Perform, but 2 Will Go Home!

I will expand upon this later, but here's a little list of who I think could be in trouble tonight: Beatrice Miller, Lyric 145, Arin Ray, Paige Thomas, and Cece Frey.

After many days of contemplating the results of this past weeks X Factor, I still wasn't able to make sense of it. 

Well, one out of two ain't bad, Lyric 145 unfortunately did go home. They were undeveloped, they needed more time to establish who they were as artists. Jennel Garcia was a major surprise to me because she had real talent, raw talent. I truly believe that someone with her kind of voice and style is needed in music today. She fills a void left by Joan Jett, Pet Benatar, Heart, and Chrissie Hynde. Following the eliminations, both artists complained of being pushed in the wrong direction by their mentors and the producers of the show as far as strong choice. It was rather obvious. The songs and the performances themselves did not fit the artists. Jennel's song, Proud Mary, along with the dress didn't suit her, the song was far too mature for her. Lyric 145's song choice of E.T. by Katy Perry and We Will Rock You by Queen didn't fit, it was too rock and Britney is right, they're a hip hop group who should have been singing a hip hop track.

Overall, L.A. Reid has done a wonderful job of developing his artists and choosing songs which really fit their voices, personalities, and it makes them true to who they are. Vino Alan is a legit rock/ soul singer; it's a unique combination but it is who he is through and through. Let's Stay Together by Al Green was a wonderful choice for him. Demi Lovato was totally hating on him when she said that the performance was boring. I think in fact that she could be taking lessons in one respect or another from every other judge/ mentor on the panel. Demi had arguably the strongest team (Willie Jones, Jennel Garcia, Cece Frey, and Paige Thomas) and she has wrecked each artist one by one, none of her contestants are going to make it to the final, almost guaranteed. One of the four will be lucky if they make it past the halfway point in this Top 13. Tate Stevens, L.A.'s other artist is so good and so strong that he could literally leave this competition right now and go make a country record. This past week he sang From This Moment On by Shania Twain, it sounded like the song belonged to him and it was unbelievably heartfelt.

Britney Spears has done a surprisingly good job of making her artists vulnerable and helping them to relate to the public. She did a beautiful job with Carly Rose this week with My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, reason being, it didn't sound cheesy. I am still waiting for a breakthrough performance by Arin Ray and hopefully it will happen this coming week because if it doesn't he could be in grave danger of being voted off. Unlike what Demi said, this kid does have soul and he has grown and matured enormously in the past year. Beatrice Miller is mature for her age, but if Britney doesn't start picking better songs for her she could be in danger as well. Diamond White had a beautiful voice, so much so, that I don't quite understand why she was so low in the overall ratings. The public needs to pick up the phone for this young lady, any 15 year old who can make a believer out of me by convincingly singing a Whitney Houston song has talent.

Simon may have the female version of One Direction on his hands with the group Fifth Harmony (formerly 1432, formerly The Lylas). He seems to be headed in the right direction and vocally they seem to stretch and grow each week. Emblem3 is like a better version of Hanson and LFO. I love their energy, how on point they are vocally. I truly believe that in a couple of years they could be performing on music award stages and touring the country if managed correctly and given the right set of songs. After all, so much hinges on that today. People like Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Usher, and Carrie Underwood aren't discovered every day. As artists, they dig deep not only singing from their heart and soul but writing from there as well. Emblem3 seems to possess that quality.

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