Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reality Round Up-- Dancing With the Stars All Stars and The Voice Edition

For many viewers of Dancing With The Stars, week eight was one they had been waiting for, Kirstie and Maks were voted off. It wasn't that we didn't enjoy them, I know I did. They provided entertainment, comic relief, and a whole lot of chemistry. The other couple to be voted off during this double elimination week was Gilles and Peta much to the chagrin of female fans everywhere. For the past six weeks Gilles was near or at the top of the leader board, he lit up the ballroom every time he took the stage, but for the past two weeks Gilles seemed overconfident, with every reason to be, yet he also seemed uninspired when he danced.

Think about the remaining couples in the competition-- Melissa and Tony, Shawn and Derek, Kelly and Val, Emmitt and Cheryl, and Apolo and Karina. They dance every week like they're dancing for their lives, dancing for the last time, and dancing with enough passion and fire to burn the floor. The two couples that were eliminated perhaps possessed that at one time or another during this competition, especially in the case of Gilles and Peta, but somewhere along the way, the fire went out.

Please come back later in the week when I will recap my favorite performances!

This week the Top 12 (3 members from each team) performed to secure their spot in the Top 10.

So at the end of this week of performances the two eliminated contestants were Michaela Paige from Team Blake who sang Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink! and Adriana Louise from Team Christina who sang Good Girl by Carrie Underwood.

Michaela was a little bit of a surprise to me, I expected her to advance over Melanie Martinez from Team Adam. Michaela to me is a better vocalist with just a little bit more appeal I think.

I wanted to mention some of my favorite performances this week:

Amanda Brown from Team Adam was edgy and when does she not take a vocal risk? She does it every single week, singing something that the audience assumes is totally outside of her comfort zone. Then something happens, she opens her mouth, starts singing, and all of sudden you're not just mesmerized, but convinced that this woman can sing and conquer any song. This week was no exception, her performance of Spectrum by Florence and the Machine was like perfectly executed vocal acrobatics, her vocals absolutely took off and soared in spots.

Bryan Keith from Team Adam absolutely had a moment this week that I just didn't expect him to have. He sang Amy Winehouse's Back to Black like a modern day Sinatra; the crooner style works well for him because he has such a cool sound to his voice. There was a new found rasp in his voice and  there was an ease with the way he phrased things within the song. He's the most consistent person on Adam's Team right now, so I am going back to Bryan.

There's something about eighteen year old Trevin Hunte from Team Cee Lo that I just never tire of. This week it was his effortlessness on the vocal on When a Man Loves a Woman. I loved Adam's comments saying that Trevin's voice is a gift from God and it would be a travesty if he weren't here. Cee Lo was humbled by his voice and called Trevin an angel of some sort. The sound is heavenly and Trevin is always trying to get better, you can evidently see the effort he puts into every performance.

It could have been really cheesy (i.e. Cody Belew and Sylvia Yacoub's performances this week) but Nicholas David's rendition of Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News was so cool. Nicholas is so unique, but it's not weird, it's so sincere and genuine. This is really who he is.

My final favorite performance is this Top 12 was Terry McDermott's performance of More Than a Feeling by Journey. I've been wondering how is it possible for someone to lead a competition and be a favorite for so long? I've figured out that you just have to be Terry McDermott and have an amazingly authentic rock voice. The judges are so blown away that they have trouble making comments. Cee Lo: damn good! Impressive. Adam: Do you realize how good Terry is? Holy crap, that was so good!  

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