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The X Factor Season 2: First Live Show of the Season-- Spectacle! Good? Or Bad?

I am going to have lots to write about The X Factor last night, but my first order of business before I get to all of that is to initially let you know who I think is going home tonight. I believe the way that it works is that one act from each category is going home. Here are my predictions:

Demi's Team: Paige Thomas
Britney's Team: Beatrice Miller
LA's Team: Vino Alan
Simon's Team: 1432

The weakest teams overall are Demi's and LA's; Simon and Britney's Teams seemed more prepared and polished.

Demi's Team:

Paige Thomas performed What is Love-- The whole thing was over the top, the performance was spectacle rather than skilled. Her voice was not that strong, and the song choice wasn't right as LA suggested as well. There was way too much going on onstage between her outfit, the surroundings, the choreography, etc. Britney thinks that Paige is a star and Simon thought it was outrageous, though, I couldn't tell whether or not that was good or bad.

My favorite performer from Demi's Team last night was by far, Jennel Garcia who sang Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue-- She literally morphed into a rock star in front of us. LA felt her performance was a 10. Simon called her performance amazing, but commented that Demi tried to make Jennel look like her.

Cece Frey sang Because the Night by Patti Smith--  Overall, Demi's Team came out weak and this further cemented that theory. Cece's vocals were not as good as they usually are, everything sounded watered down. Simon excused her weak vocals while LA and Britney pointed them out to her.

The final contestant from Demi's Team was Willie Jones who sang Here For the Party by Gretchen Wilson-- Willie was the second strongest contestant from Demi's Team in my opinion. LA found it entertaining but wanted more, and Britney thinks he's a star. Simon found the whole thing silly from the choreography to the outfits to the inappropriate dancers.

Britney's Team:

Arin Ray, Brit's strongest artist this week, sang Keep Me Hangin' On by The Supremes-- Even Arin struggled, but it's amazing how much he has matured in a year. I did not like the loud and distracting sound effects in the background, but he made the most of it and got through the performance. LA liked the song but didn't think his vocals were up to par. Demi found it stiff and felt he should have danced better, Simon argued that the focus is his voice first, and then the singing. Simon was impressed overall, and said that he did have the swagger. Brit loved it.

Diamond White sang Hey Soul Sister by Train-- I'll admit, I found the song choice awkward initially. But like LA said, it felt like her song by the end. Demi wanted to see Diamond have more fun, she felt that she was too reserved. Simon felt that she improved massively since they last saw her and that Britney did a really good job with her.

Beatrice Miller sang I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz-- This performance, like her hair, was a hot mess. I love Beatrice, and technically, I don't think she should go home, she does deserve another chance, but it was a weak vocal. LA loved and believed in her. Demi was impressed with the feelling behind her eyes. Simon thought that the style was right.

Carly Rose Sonenclair's performance of Good Feeling by Flo Rider was all wrong for her-- She seemed totally uncomfortable up there. Simon didn't think she connected to the song; it was quite obvious. LA and Demi both felt she looked uncomfortable onstage. The reason I think she will be saved is because she has a better voice than Beatrice.

LA's Team:

The strongest contestant on LA's Team is David Correy, by a mile; he sang My Love is Your Love by Whitney Houston-- Britney said she was surprised, felt his performance a lot, and called it amazing. Simon found it manic and thought that the song didn't give him any direction as an artist. LA thought his voice sounded great and he was proud of him. I hope David stays in this competition because I believe he'll benefit from the mentoring and grow.

Vino Alan sang Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback-- This was the wrong song for Vino, it sat too low in his voice. Brit felt his effort but was bored. Demi thought the beginning was shaky, but she could feel his passion. Simon said the song and the arrangement was horrible and that LA failed him. I agree with Simon in saying that Vino is more of a soul singer.

Tate Stevens sang Tough by Craig Morgan-- Tate is just a classic and I am honestly surprised that he hasn't been discovered before this. Brit said she is wowed every time. Demi said, we need you here, you're a star. Simon said I know exactly what kind of artist you want to be, the song wasn't my favorite, but you're a keeper.

Jason Brock sang Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez and this was not the right choice-- I feel LA completely failed Jason because this was the wrong song. Simon said the whole thing was horrendous; LA suggested that Simon was hating. I love Jason, I think his voice is tremendous, and he should have the chance to show what he can really do.

Simon's Team:

Sister C sang Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annies-- Britney felt that they delivered and I agree. I was not a fan of these girls going into this, but hearing them now, they have loads of potential. Demi said that this niche is missing in the industry, but the performance was really stiff. Simon said it was a fantastic performance, the vocals were on the money, and it sounded fantastic. I agree with Simon, these girls are good.

Lyric 145 sang Boom Shake the Room by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince-- LA thinks that they are an amazing group. Brit was genuinely entertained, and Demi thought they were amazing (lots of use of the word amazing throughout this show). Simon said it has to be commercial to work, which they are, and he thought they were sensational. I love this group myself, their sound is different. 

1432 (remember these gals have only been together three weeks) sang We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-- LA found it very karaoke, didn't like the name change, and felt that Simon failed them. I really think that was a little too severe of a criticism, Simon did put them together after all. Brit was pleasantly surprised. Demi felt that they need more practice together.

 Emblem3 sang One Day by Matisyahu, and it was just in a different class than the other performances-- LA said it was unbelievable and told Simon that he actually got it right this time. Demi said that she can't look them in the eye when they sing because then she would be flirting. She said that they're so talented (agreed, but hopefully they don't wreck anymore hotel rooms!). Simon told everyone that they're seeing a future superstar. 

So here's what actually happened--

Willie Jones went home from Demi's Team; that was a shocker to me. David Correy, another fan favorite went home from LA's Team. Britney sent Diamond White home; truthfully, no one from that category should have been eliminated. Finally, Simon sent Sister C packing after a sing off with 1432 (soon to be another name, this time, chosen by the public). 

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