Monday, November 19, 2012

The Voice Season 3: Top 10-- Best episode ever of The Voice?

Something happened tonight when I was watching The Voice. I realized that for the high production value that The X Factor has, they don't possess the talent to go along with it. I think that every act on that show should take lessons from these ten. Somehow, there's a part of me that wishes that every single one of them could be awarded some type of prize for their talent. Each one has something special, and I could not label any performance weak.

Sylvia Yacoub sang Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys-- Cee Lo thought it was a great song choice and loved her increasing confidence. Adam said he was actually pretty blown away. Blake said spot on, and Christina thought she was on fire. This was a great song for Sylvia to sing, it showcased her vocals well.

Terry McDermott sang Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams-- Cee Lo said you're genuinely everything I love about rock n' roll. Adam said, I get mad when I watch you cause I really wanted you on my team and Blake stole you. Blake thanked Terry for choosing him as his coach. I believe that Terry is born to be a rocker. He just lives, bleeds, and sweats rock n' roll.

Melanie Martinez sang Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes-- Blake said he'd love to be able to work with Melanie. Christina and Cee Lo both thought it was cool (Cee Lo: ubber cool). Adam said she dazzled everyone. I like the risk she took singing this, it was so strong, and I liked the phraseology.

Cody Belew sang Crazy in Love by Beyonce-- Adam said you're cocky and awesome in the best way. Christina said he worked it like a true diva, and Cee Lo said Cody brings him so much joy. Cody is just a pleasure to watch because he was born to have an audience, born to be on stage, and to feel comfortable doing it all. Not the strongest vocally, but his performance skills compensate.

Bryan Keith sang New York State of Mind by  Billy Joel-- Blake felt that Bryan's attitude was like Michael Buble and that he is becoming a big fan. Christina felt the song was a perfect fit. Cee Lo said he has a man's voice, and Adam felt he made the song his own. Bryan felt every lyric and every note. This performance was so sincere and not only did he connect with the song, he made me connect with the song.

Amanda Brown sang Stars by Grace Potter-- Blake said I didn't know that song but that performance is how I wanted to be introduced to it. Christina praised how emotional it was. Cee Lo said you impressed me again, I'll always feel like I discovered you, but I could never be selfish with a voice like yours. Adam felt happy that Blake said what he said. Amanda is definitely back in this, her vocals and her emotion drew me in to the point that I was in another place when I was listening to her.

Nicholas David sang Lean on Me by Bill Withers-- Adam said bravo my friend. Blake said this might be the best episode of The Voice that we've ever had. Watching you tonight was like watching a legend. Christina said that was so good for my soul, genius song choice Cee Lo, home run. Cee Lo said I heard the voice of a generation, an immaculate impassioned performance. I felt like a child in the presence of my maker. Nicholas just surprises me every week because initially I didn't even like him. He has grown on me because he is just so sincere and committed to everything he does.

Trevin Hunte sang Scream by Usher-- Adam said, Trevin, you can sing the dictionary. Cee Lo said, I will ride and die with you Trevin, you're risk paid off. I enjoyed getting to see Trevin have fun and act like an 18 year old. His talent remains.

Cassadee Pope sang Over You by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton-- Christina said she felt the sincerity. Cee Lo said your voice was so flawless tonight. Adam said this style suited you, it felt really good. Blake said that Cassadee looks like a true artist. I have to agree with Adam and Christina; this performance was beautiful on Cassadee.

Dez Duron sang Feelin' Good by Nina Simone/ Michael Buble-- Cee Lo said he loved it, wonderful rendition, I'm impressed. Blake said, we all know you're a star, congratulations on figuring out where you fit musically. Christina said, you dug deep. I was floored when I heard Dez sing, I just didn't think he had all that. He totally put that performance away in the first phrase of the song. This was so powerful.

Who do you think is most vulnerable for eliminations? Who is a shoe in for the elite eight? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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