Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Favorite Things: May 2013 Edition

Some things I've decided I'm crazy about.....

**Caldrea, fragrance No. 17, Sea Salt Neroli-- The fragrance anatomy of this amazing scent:
The essential oils are: lemon, neroli, cardamom, juniper. The top notes are verbena, juniper, cardamom, and watery. The middle notes are rose, lily, and mineral. The base notes are cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk.

Here's what all that means--
  1. The top note is the first thing you smell inviting you to stay for more.
  2. The middle note is the heart of the fragrance, often floral.
  3. The base note is the foundation of a scent, usually something woody, spicy or resinous.
(from Caldrea's website)

**General Hospital celebrated 50 gloriously dramatic years on the air last month, and the anniversary is just beginning. Executive Producer, Frank Valentini and Head Writer Ron Carlivati promise lots of surprises throughout the whole year. The show already welcomed back several beloved cast members, some permanently, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner, Sean Kanan, Tyler Christopher, Lynn Herring, and Finola Hughes, and some, more temporary, like Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher, Jacklyn Zeman, Rick Springfield, Jack Wagner, the beloved Rachel Ames, and even Stuart Damon and Natalia Livingston (Alan and Emily Quartermaine) who came back in the form of ghosts. 

The anniversary also came with some controversy. Last year, when One Life to Live left the airwaves after ABC cancelled it, three cast members joined the show as their OLTL characters, Michael Easton as Det. John McBaine, Roger Howarth as Todd Manning, and Kristen Alderson as Starr Manning. They all became romantic interests for GH characters Samantha McCall Morgan, Carly Jax, and Michael Corinthos respectively, and then all of a sudden, just before the actual anniversary was about to take place, they all skipped town. The rumor is that they will be back before the end of May as different characters. I for one am devastated; I cherish those characters, they have history and the new characters don't. 

Hits: Tyler Christopher's Nikolas Cassadine back to fight for his long time friend turned love Elizabeth Webber played so gracefully by Rebecca Herbst. The problem is, she feels an obligation to Lucky (last played by Jonathan Jackson) and she is currently dating A.J. Quartermaine. 

The love story between Sabrina and Patrick has been absolutely heartfelt and genuine. There is also some truth that Patrick's supposedly dead, but not dead wife Robin may be back. 

Maxie, played by Kirsten Storms is supposed to be having her best friend Lulu and her husband Dante's baby, but she lost that baby. She is really carrying her and Spinelli's baby, but he's with Ellie now who currently knows about it but isn't telling him. Did you follow that?

Misses: The recast for Lulu who was heroically played by the gorgeous and talented Julie Marie Berman. The new girl looks like a deer in the headlights every time she's on screen. 

Johnny Zacchara, played by Brandon Barash, leaving the show. 

The fact that Olivia Falconeri has absolutely no story line whatsoever, what a waste of a beautiful face, and a feisty woman.

The on again off again love story between Sonny and Kate, or is it Connie now?  

Remember to Watch General Hospital at 2pm Eastern time on ABC or catch it on 

**Who knew that Sketchers could be so comfortable! Not me. I bought the GoWalks in the black on black and I want the gray called Interval or the denim called Heritage as well. These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. I feel like you could dress them up  or down with almost any outfit. Not only do they come in women's styles but there are men's styles too. Love. 

**I didn't know if it would happen again in my lifetime, but I have been proven wrong before. The Red Sox are once again becoming the little team that could. Each player is coming into every game with so much heart. This roster does have some depth, but there's a lot of eager young players as well..... takes me back to when we won the World Series for the first time in years in 2004. 

**The weather in the northeast has been crazy lately, and as a result, you never know when you will need a scarf to take away the chill. I love the scarfs at Target, they're fun, affordable, and they feel so soft. This one below is $19.99 and is the Target brand Mossimo. 

Until next time....... please feel free to let me know about your favorites things, and maybe I will write about them in an upcoming feature. 

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