Thursday, May 16, 2013

Final Thoughts on American Idol Season 12

I had a feeling that last week Angie Miller was going home on American Idol. She was a strong contestant throughout filled with promise, talent, and ability, and perhaps that's why she had to go. There is, after all, this unspoken idea that sometimes the artists that don't win the show actually end up having more success. I could see Angie going on to have not just a good career, but a great career. I think her success will also translate to songwriting.

The last four was most predictable this year on American Idol; they were also four of the best final four we've ever had. Amber Holcomb who is poised to become a current Whitney Houston, Angie Miller the pride of Beverly, MA who has an intensity that was unmatched in the competition. Candice Glover is just a powerhouse and once again proved that with her reprise of I Who Have Nothing. She took the monotonous Chasing Pavements and made it more interesting. In a sense, Candice reinvented the song. Lastly, there's Kree Harrison who taps into an emotional place when she sings where few people ever get to go. I was reminded of that emotion in her reprise of Up to the Mountain. I should have expected it, but I was in tears by the end of the song, yet at the same time, I was smiling. Kree kept her poise and composure and beautifully displayed her vocals in the song All Cried Out which would be her first single should she win Idol.

One thing is for sure, both will go on to big things, and I will not speak of any weak moments throughout the competition because there are so few. Neither one of these women ever made a misstep in all of this. That is so unheard of, and I think it speaks of their talent and determination. I can almost sit here typing this and guarantee that both of them will get a record deal. Angie Miller has already spoken of a record deal in the works for her.

So who will win? My heart has been with Kree throughout the show. She stood out early for me, yet there was Candice, always in the background at the beginning and then as the show went on, she moved to the front of the pack. My mind says Candice will take this. It could be either one, and they both turned in strong performances last night. Only time will tell. What will be more surprising than the winner will be who judges the show next season. The only person who will definitely be back is Ryan Seacrest.

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