Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dancing with the Stars Season 17: Week 3 Hollywood Week

I got it right this time, Bill Nye said bye bye to Dancing with the Stars this week. The Science Guy sustained an injury last week tearing 80% of his quadriceps leaving him less flexible. He was classy and distinguished in his departure just as I expected he would be.

Leah and Tony danced the Rumba-- I loved this dance, there was something very alluring and seductive about it. Tony's choreography was awesome, and Leah's acting skills probably helped. Len thought the chemistry was great, complete with passion and drama. Carrie Ann says she only saw one mistake.
Scores: 8, 8, 8= 24 out of 30

Corbin and Karina danced the Quickstep-- I thought this dance had a lot of energy; I didn't love the story but Corbin certainly kept up with Karina. Bruno thought it had an old quality feel to it, was very impressive, and and incredibly fast. Carrie Ann was amazed by the footwork, but warned Corbin to watch his form. Len said speed came in and style went out at times.
Scores: 9, 8, 9= 26 out of 30

Elizabeth and Val danced the Foxtrot-- Elizabeth and Val looked to lovely dancing together here; they really pulled off the attitude of the dance. It was old school, but it worked for them. Carrie Ann said the elegance and the attitude of the dance was beautiful, flawless. Carrie Ann mentioned that she lost her place at one point in the middle. Len called it chicken soup to the eyes. Bruno said you're flying first class all the way.
Score: 8, 9, 8= 25 out of 30

Brant and Peta danced the Quickstep-- They pulled off old Hollywood, both of them had the look, the attitude, and the precision. The choreography was great as well. Len thought it had speed and control. He mentions some issues with posture but loved it overall. Bruno loved the part that Brant played. Carrie Ann sees Brant as a fantastic dancer.
Scores: 9, 9, 9= 27 out of 30

Valerie and Tristan danced the Cha Cha Cha-- Well, this might be Valerie's last week because there were some glaring errors. It's too bad because Tristan is a wonderful partner. Bruno thought the look of the dance was right, but she went wrong many times. Carrie Ann agrees but loves how she keeps going. Len thought it was like flying coach on a cheap airline, and said the way Tristan takes care of his partner is wonderful.
Scores: 6, 5, 5= 16 out of 30

Bill and Emma danced the Paso Doble-- Perfect character for a comedian like Bill to play, the Lone Ranger, and the music really got everyone into it. Carrie Ann said Bill nailed the Paso. Len thought Bill came out all guns blazing and felt it was Bill's best dance. Bruno liked the attack of the dance.
Scores: 8, 8, 8= 24 out of 30

Amber and Derek danced the Charleston-- For me, this was Amber's weakest performance. Her footwork was a little bit muddy. Bruno said Amber needs to be sharper with her feet and she lost it a bit. Carrie Ann said her upper body was great but the bottom wasn't working correctly, and her legs weren't making the right angles.
Scores: 8, 8, 8= 24 out of 30

Jack and Cheryl danced the Cha Cha Cha-- I think Cheryl may have been a bit too aggressive in the steps she wants Jack to take. This was so ambitious that Jack seemed nervous and never loosened up enough to make the dance fluid. Bruno said it was too ambitious and he needs to work on the hip action. Carrie Ann tells him to watch his hands. Len loves Jack's commitment but also agreed that the hips were lacking.
Scores: 7, 7,8= 22 out of 30

Christina and Mary danced the Charleston-- These two were super in- sync and the footwork seemed quite difficult! I loved Christina's character. Carrie Ann called it incredible and loved Christina's range of motion. Len thought as a dance and as a performance it was top notch. Bruno found it visually inspiring and brilliant.
Scores: 9, 8, 9= 26 out of 30

Nicole and Sasha danced the Quickstep-- I am continuing to be impressed with Nicole. She has focus, determination, class, and she's quite the dancer. Len said Nicole has surprised him being that this is her first ballroom dance. Bruno said he admires her commitment to hard work. Carrie Ann called her a superstar.
Scores: 9, 8, 8= 25 out of 30

Bill and Tyne danced Jazz-- I actually loved this routine. I think Bill was so brave to dance with an injury as bad as what he had. I also found the performance really entertaining. Carrie Ann was impressed and would love to see more when he is feeling better. Len gave props to Tyne for how she choreographed the routine and called it clever. Len said performing with that kind of injury takes guts, determination, and bravery. A lot of other celebrities would fold, but you didn't, and it says a lot about the man.
Scores: 6, 5, 5= 16 out of 30

The Scoreboard:

Brant & Peta- 27/30
Christina & Mark- 26/30
Corbin & Karina- 26/30
Elizabeth & Val- 25/30
Nicole & Sasha- 25/30
Amber & Derek- 24/30
Leah & Tony- 24/30
Bill & Emma- 24/30
Jack & Cheryl- 22/30
Valerie & Tristan- 16/30
Bill Nye & Tyne- 16/30

I think Valerie is going home sadly next week.

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