Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Voice Season 5: Week 2 Part 1

Ray Boudreaux sang Use Me-- Ray has a unique sound, and it's possible that if polished he could go far in this competition. Cee Lo and Blake turn for him, and Cee Lo comes out of the gate and says I want to win with you. Blake thinks he is the real deal and loves his "swampy" sound.
Ray chose Blake

Lina Guadenzi sang Landslide-- I liked Lina, but her vibrato was a bit much. I would love to see her sing again since she made it on to a team. Christina turns first, then Blake. Lina reveals that she studied opera but her heart is in "bluesy folk". Blake feels he is more suited to be Christina's coach, but Christina's says she turned first.
Lina chose Christina

Juhi Pathak sang Mercy-- This young lady is only 16 and she is one of the most talented voices I have heard so far. Her voice has such an effortlessness to it. Cee Lo and Christina both turn and Cee Lo thinks she is fun and effortless, and she was in control of singing that song. Christina says she wants to give her advice as a female. Juhi says she wants to be a cross between Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain.
Juhi chose Cee Lo

I loved 54 year old Malford Milligan who sang Let's Stay Together; I thought he sounded great. No one turned for him.

Justin Blake sang Sure Be Cool if You Did-- I like the fact that Justin chose a Blake Shelton song, that was ambitious. Blake never turned which I was kind of surprised about because Blake was all about every country act last year. Adam was the only one who turned and said he didn't want to look over and get Blake's approval this time. Adam called Blake a gorgeous man and did realize Justin had chosen to sing a Blake song.
Justin chose Blake

Timyra Joi sang Girl on Fire- Hard to believe that she is only 15 years old! Timyra has a mature voice, and it was an impressive performance. Christina says she was first by a mile. Blake reminds her that he won this competition last year with a 16 year old girl. Cee Lo says he wants to nurture her and be a part of her journey. Adam is totally Team Christina, I don't get what's up with that. Timyra went into it thinking she would choose Cee Lo and instead she ended up going with Christina.
Timyra chose Christina

Monika Leigh sang The Thrill is Gone-- This is another favorite of mine. I loved her voice and her attitude. All the guys turned for her. Adam called her pure, Cee Lo thought her voice and the way she sang the song was womanly, and Blake said he fell in love with her voice and took out his trophies.
Monika chose Blake

Also not chosen, Zach Hinson who sang Drunk on You-- the vocals just weren't there.

Briana Cuoco sang You and I-- The sister of Big Bang star Kaley Cuoco. I need to be honest here, I don't think she's all that great. I actually thought she was off pitch and her voice wasn't that powerful. Christina and Cee Lo turn, unsure why.
Briana chose Christina

George Horga Jr. sang Treasure-- George has a great personality that comes across when he sings and performs. Cee Lo was the only one who turned around and said he did so because of how the crowd reacted to him.
George chose Cee Lo

People who made it through but we didn't see full performances:
Anthony Paul-- Cee Lo
Cilla Chan-- Blake
Jacob Poole-- Christina

Last but certainly not least, my favorite performance of the night...
Preston Pohl sang Electric Feel-- Preston is a pro when it comes to the performance aspect of things. His voice is awesome, it has rasp, growl, soul; he even hits a nice falsetto. He has confidence but he isn't cocky. The three guys turned around, unsure why Christina didn't get in on this. Adam compared him to Marvin Gaye. Blake played the country card cause Preston is from Texas, and Cee Lo bonded with him. Nevertheless, Preston went with Adam.
Preston chose Adam

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