Monday, October 7, 2013

The Voice Season 5: Week 3 and the final night of Blind Auditions

Matt Cermanski sang Have a Little Faith in Me-- Wow, what an improvement from his first blind audition last year to this year. Adam and Blake turned around first and then Cee Lo. I am kind of surprised that Christina didn't turn around. Cee Lo thought he sounded great. Blake felt excited to hear him, and loved the versatility that he displayed. Adam appreciated his resilience.
Matt chose Adam

Diego Navaira sang Rebel Yeah-- No one turned him, but they all really enjoyed his performance, they loved the energy.

Tamara Chauniece sang 1+1-- I loved Tamara because she wasn't trying to sound like Beyonce. Cee Lo said it was gorgeous and so are you. Christina said Tamara touched her heart, and related to the fact that she started singing at seven. Tamara sounds stoked to be working with Cee Lo.
Tamara chose Cee Lo

Brandon Chase sang Wanted-- Cee Lo and Blake turned. Cee Lo said his voice struck him and he felt it sounded like soul. Blake said country music is in Brandon's blood, it's not something that can be faked. Brandon said he had to go with his heart, and chose Blake.
Brandon chose Blake

Lupe Carroll sang If I Were a Carpenter-- Cee Lo felt that Lupe took a chance and as a result he turned and Lupe filled the second to last slot on his team.
Lupe chose Cee Lo

Grey sang Catch My Breath-- Grey has a big voice and I liked her interpretation of this song. Blake, Adam, and Cee Lo turned.  The guys made exchanges, each trying to one up the other. Wow, Grey decided to go with Adam, and with that, he filled the last spot on his team.
Grey chose Adam

Dominic Scott Kay sang Easy-- This kid has tons of Hollywood connections. No one turned, I think it was a little bit too nasal. I hope he listens to Blake's comments though and comes back.

Michael Lynch sang Bailamos-- Blake said he is a fan and would love to have him on his team, he loved how rhythmic. Cee Lo said I'm half amazing, what you wanna do? You wanna win (so funny)? Michael chose Christina and then she went up and sang with him and said match made in heaven, and her team too was full.
Michael chose Christina

Deanna Johnson sang Stars-- I think the reason no one turned around is because her voice sounded too goatey.

Brian Pounds sang Wagon Wheel-- Blake filled the last spot on his team with a country singer. Brian has a good voice, but I imagine will need lots of advice from Blake in order to develop his talent further. Cee Lo turned around too, but the country connection proved too strong this time.
Brian chose Blake

Shawn Smith sang Chicken Fried-- Shawn also has a great story. He is an Iraq war veteran and his nickname is "big sexy"..... he totally belongs on Team Cee Lo, and indeed he is the last spot on Cee Lo's team.
Shawn chose Cee Lo

My predictions for the top 20: Matt Cermanski, Tamara Chauniece, Brandon Chase, and Grey

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