Monday, October 28, 2013

The Voice Season 5: Are These the Best Battles Ever?

Team Cee Lo: Jonny Gray vs. Shawn Smith singing Refugee by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-- Adam said that he believed every single thing that both of them said, and added that he'd probably go with Jonny. Blake said it was hot and neither one of them held anything back, and he loved Shawn. Christina said they were both feeling it, and that her biggest regret is not pushing for Jonny. Cee Lo said he felt the soldier in that song from both of them. He picked Jonny to move forward. Jonny said that he and Shawn will be lifelong friends. Jonny was the right choice here but I felt the passion from both of them. I feel like this was quite possibly the best battle ever.

Team Adam: Barry Black vs. Preston Pohl singing I Wish it Would Rain by The Temptations-- Blake liked Barry and thought that it just worked. Christina said Preston has the type of voice that cannot be taught in vocal lessons and felt he won. Cee Lo said that Preston sounded just like David Ruffin. Adam said when he heard Preston he got goosebumps and it made him think about people like Otis Redding, guys who really moved him. Adam chose Preston, and I couldn't agree more with his decision. That being said, I wonder if Cee Lo should have stolen Barry.

Oh no, now for the montage....

Holly Henry vs Cilla Chan sing “Torn” for Team Blake. Holly wins the battle
Emily Randolph vs Brandon Chase sing “Tiny Dancer” also for Team Blake Brandon wins the battle.
Tamara Chauniece vs. Keaira LaShae sing “Big Girls Don’t Cry” for Team Cee Lo. Tamara wins the battle.

Team Christina: Olivia Henken vs. Stephanie Anne Johnson singing Done by The Band Perry-- I feel like this song was most definitely suited to Olivia. Stephanie is more of a soul/ jazz singer, so the song was more difficult for her. Adam goes with Stephanie cause he likes her grit. Blake likes Olivia, Adam thinks it's cause she looks like Miranda. Cee Lo also liked Stephanie. Christina finally chose Olivia and Cee Lo stole Stephanie; she deserved it.

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