Monday, October 7, 2013

The Voice Season 5: Week 2 Part 2

Will Champlin sang Not Over You-- Blake, Adam, and Cee Lo all turned around. I loved his song choice and his voice may not be the strongest but it definitely has passion. Adam compared Will to himself musically. Blake said he loved him and felt the passion in his voice. He said he probably has to wear suspenders to keep his pants on because he sang his ass off.
Will chose Adam

Macey Estes sang The Way-- This girl was cheated out a major chance because she was actually really good. Someone should have turned their chair for her. I think Christina's excuse of "she was waiting for her to sing the high note" was ridiculous. I hope she either comes back or auditions for another talent show because she definitely has natural talent.

Stephanie Anne Johnson sang Black Horse and a Cherry Tree-- I didn't think this was the right song for her, but then again, I have never really been a fan of this song. She has a good voice, but I didn't think there was anything great about it. Cee Lo and Christina turn their chairs; Stephanie went to school the season 1 alum Vicci Martinez, she's bonding with Cee Lo, but chooses Christina.
Stephanie chose Christina

Sam Cerniglia sang It's a Beautiful Day-- Sam has a beautiful backstory and he sure does seem like a nice guy, but again, I feel like he is someone who has just a mediocre voice. Maybe the judges see potential or something we don't. Cee Lo and Blake turn around. Blake says he loves his style and compares him to Michael Buble.
Sam chose Blake

Jennifer Newberry sang Locked Out of Heaven-- She picked the wrong song, and as a result got no turns.

James Irwin sang Losing My Religion-- I remember him from last year and he was really just "okay". It's great to see people go home, do their homework (most obviously) and come back. All four judges turn quite quickly. Adam notes that this is the first time someone has come back from another season and had all four chairs turn. Adam and Blake recognize how hard he has worked, and Christina and Cee Lo try to use not being there last year to their advantage.
James chose Adam

Olivia Henken sang Two Black Cadillacs-- This young lady is someone I am going to keep an eye on in this competition. Christina and Cee Lo turned. I am shocked Blake didn't. Obviously, he's interested in more than just country artists this year.
Olivia chose Christina

Jason Kertson sang Lips of an Angel-- I liked this guy, he is only 16, and he has an amazing voice. I am shocked he wasn't chosen. I hope that he comes back next year.

R. Anthony sang Hall of Fame-- R. has a better than just good voice, the only thing he has to work on getting his personality and who he is across in his performances. They would be enhanced if he worked on that. Christina turned and then at the very last minute Cee Lo turned. Christina loves his runs and wants him bad on her team. She even impersonates Blake's finger point. Nevertheless....
R. chose Cee Lo

Keaira LaShae goes to Team Adam
goes to Team Christina
Emily Randolph goes to Team Blake

Justin Chan chose She's Country-- Amazing, no one was smart enough to turn with the exception of Blake. Justin and Blake are actually wearing the same shirt, lol! He actually has a great voice, and he's marketable. I could see people going to his concerts and singing his songs.
Justin chose Blake (he would have even if all of them turned around)

Ashley Dubose sang Diamonds-- This is a super hard song to sing and Ashley did it justice, she was a pro. Besides being beautiful, her spirit is so song and it comes across when she sings. Adam said her voice cut like a razor through this place. Cee Lo said Ashley met Rihanna's bar and she would think she did the song justice. Christina said Rihanna's song are hard to do cause it's all about timing. Blake said winning The Voice is a partnership and it's about making someone the best that they can be. Adam made it clear that he wants to dethrone Blake. Ashley says she thought she knew what she wanted to do coming in, but she had to go with her gut, and so....
Ashley chose Adam

My predictions for the top 20: Juhi Pathak, Monika Leigh, Preston Pohl, Will Champlin, Olivia Henken, Justin Chan, Ashley Dubose

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