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The Voice Season 5 Premieres: Christina and Cee Lo Return

**4 Chair Turn** The first singer up for Season 5 was Kat Roubichaud who sang Music in Me-- I thought that Kat had a great tone to her voice but I didn't like the song choice for her; it was too Broadway. I like the rasp in her voice, but I think she has a lot of work to do. I couldn't quite understand why she received a four chair turn when there were other artists far better who didn't receive that. Kat ended up choosing Cee Lo.
Kat chose Team Cee Lo

Caroline Pennell sang Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding-- This young lady is someone I could see getting into the finals of this show because she has the x factor that so many people talk about. At 17, wow, what a voice, it's so pure. Blake called her a bad ass vocalist and Cee Lo invited her to be on his team so that she could be herself.
Caroline chose Team Cee Lo

Donna Allen sang You Are So Beautiful-- Donna is one of the oldest contestants this year at 54 and she proves that talent only gets better with age. Donna is reminiscent of Tina Turner in her vocals and she is very traditional in how she performs. I think if she continues to choose good songs for her voice, she could make it to the live shows. Adam and Christina both turned around almost immediately and then no one else does. Christina makes a lame pitch and Blake supports her and says he wanted Donna to pick Christina so that's why he didn't push his button. Adam criticizes the other judges for not turning around and says shame on them because that performance sounded like a finals performance.
Donna chose Adam

Jake Worthington sang Keep Your Hands to Yourself-- No one turned around but Blake left him some good advice which was to work on his voice so he doesn't run out of breath.

**4 Chair Turn** Matthew Schuler sang Cough Syrup-- This is the first contestant of the season that I am 110% impressed with. I love his voice, his style, his confidence. His voice had a great roundness and tone and rasp to it, it was beautiful. He reminded me of Burnell Taylor from American Idol with his voice. He also had great performance skills. It was not surprising to see all the judges turn around almost simultaneously. The judges argued back and forth about who was the perfect coach for him. I love how Cee Lo kicked it off, "who the hell are you?". Adam begged for Matthew to choose him. Christina says she comes back with a refreshed ear, might be true, but she is still the worst coach. Despite that, Matthew chose her.
Matthew chose Christina

Nic Hawk sang Hit Em Up Style--Adam and Cee Lo turned for Nic. Nic does have awesome timing and breath control and he has a fun personality. I love that when he was done with his performance he said to Adam, "what's up handsome?" and Adam said, flattery will get you everywhere. Cee Lo was impressed with how he handled such a difficult song, and complimented him on his breath control.  Blake is laughing the whole time cause he loves that Nic has a crush on Adam. Nic said he doesn't know if he would be able to focus if he picked Adam because Adam is so good looking. Adam started covering his face. Christina told him to go with his heart.
Nic chose Adam

15 year old Matthew Breas sang I Want You Back-- and did not get chosen despite being called a vocal prodigy by one of the judges. They promised him to come back next year.

Shelbie Z sang I'm Here for the Party-- Shelbie was a fun gal but nothing to write home about. Blake turns right away and battle with Christina, and Shelbie, no surprise, ends up choosing Blake.
Shelbie Z chose Blake

Josh Logan sang Too Close--  I actually like the way Josh sang this better than the original. Everyone turned except Cee Lo.  Adam found him to be an original performer, Blake liked his runs and said he had a man crush on Josh, and Christina said he can do anything.
Josh chose Christina

Delvin Choice sang Closer by Neyo-- I actually like this guy and I thought he had a great personality, but the coaches thought the song he chose didn't make them think enough, they were so into the song that they forgot to turn for him. Adam suggested Delvin come back.

James Wolpert sang Love Interruption-- I didn't expect for him to sound like this because he looks so quirky and dorky, but there was something interesting about his voice and this performance. What's surprising is that only Adam and Christina turned; Adam loves the character in his voice and wasn't expecting a nerdy guy and Christina says he is the reason she came back to the show.
James chose Adam

Jacquie Lee sang Back to Black by Amy Winehouse-- First Jacquie, she should have had a four chair turn, Adam and Cee Lo, where were both of you? This girl has an awesome voice. As it is, Christina and Blake took their time to turn around. I don't find her generic, I love the soul in this girl's voice. Christina warns that Jacquie shouldn't be blinded by Blake's charm--- "he has dimples, he talks like this, and he's married to Miranda," said Christina. Cee Lo wants her boots and asks if she bought them at Aldo and then takes out his phone to take a photo. Christina said, I look up to Blake and Adam said, we all do, he's six nine. LOL! Blake brings up that he specializes in 16 year old girls winning the show.
Jacquie chose Christina

Barry Black sang What You Won't Do For Love-- This guy was interesting without question, but I didn't think his voice was solid. Perhaps Adam and Blake see some potential that the normal person doesn't see. Long story short, the two guys fought it out and Adam won.
Barry chose Adam

Mike Unser sang Dirty Little Secret-- I liked Mike, but I agree with the judges not turning around. I think Mike needs to work on his craft. Cee Lo ultimately regretted not choosing him and Mike vowed to come back.

Destinee Quinn sang Cowboy Take Me Away-- Destinne has a beautiful voice, it's very sweet, but I do feel like she struggled with nerves in this performance. It was shaky in parts, but considering that she has been singing for so long and she's only 20! Christina and Cee Lo turn. Blake says he missed the "bottom end" of her voice and said he would steal her in the battle rounds.
Destinee chose Christina

Cole Vosbury sang the theme song from the Jefferson's-- Cee Lo was the only one who turned and I think they make a good match. I love the rock/ soul combination in his voice. His dad and grandmother were both performers. Cee Lo loved his match of country and soul.
Cole chose Cee Lo

**4 Chair Turn** Holly Henry sang the Scientist-- I like this girl, I don't think it was the best performance but she has that breathy raspy voice and she sounds like an indie artist. Blake turned almost immediately, followed by Adam and Cee Lo and Christina got in on the action in the end. Blake asked her name so he could write in under Team Blake. Blake said he is officially excited about season five. Adam makes fun of Blake saying, "I won three times zippidydooda"!
Holly chose Blake

Sammy C sang Where is the Love-- At 15 years gold, Sammy is one of the youngest people auditioning and he was actually good, but the judges didn't choose him. Adam tells him to work on his singing and come back.

Austin Jencks sang Simple Man-- Austin has a great story, but what really counts is he has one of those strong soulful rocker voices. Cee Lo said he had soul power. Christina, once again, regretted not turning around.
Austin chose Blake

EG Daily sang Breathe-- EG has an awesome back story as a voice over artist. I don't know how far she will get in this competition, but she has a pretty voice. Blake and Cee Lo turn around and battle over her not knowing who she is. It's Christina who finally recognizes her, and she admits she was Dottie in Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
EG chose Blake

Jonny Gray sang All These Things I've Done-- This guy is one of my favorites so far this season. His voice is so different and I love the tone of his voice, amazing. Cee Lo said he heard Stevie Nicks and Eddie Vedder. Cee Lo said I want to fight with you Jonny. Adam found his voice so different. Christina said if the guys mess up, she will pick him up in the battle rounds.
Jonny chose Cee Lo

Tessanne Chin sang Try--  So this reminds me of last year when the judges made this huge deal about Judith Hill and she ended up exiting the show much sooner than expected. I think they have similar voices and those very difficult looks to them. I think Tessanne is a little more likable than Judith, but I feel like The Voice has someone like her on their show every year. All the judges turned around and battled it out and in the end she chose Adam.
Tessanne chose Adam

My predictions for the Top 20-- Tessanne Chin, Jonny Gray, Jacquie Lee, Josh Logan, Nic Hawk, and Matthew Schuler.... possibly Caroline Pennell and Kat Roubichaud

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