Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Finale of America's Got Talent-- Is this the Most Talented 6 Ever?

Jimmy Rose performed his original song from the first time he saw the judges-- And I have to agree with Howard that it is that much more special when someone performs their original song because it means that much more to them. That's what Jimmy has going for him; he makes a connection with the audience.

Kenichi Ebina-- In this first performance Kenichi was genius. He is so hardworking and people just probably do not realize how difficult everything that he does is. When he drops his head, it literally looks like his head is separate from his body. The amazing things is that each performance happens to be so original. He does everything from choreograph to dancing to coming up with the concept. There are so many tricks involved and so much attention to detail.

Cami Bradley performed Believe by Cher from the quarterfinals-- Her performance was haunting and angelic. Howie thinks her sound is unique and regardless of the outcome she has become a star. Howard says he is proud that the judges found talent like her.

Collins Key performed a close up magic trick-- The card trick Collins did was so good that I don't even know how he did it. I love how he involved the judges, and everything was so close that it makes me know and believe what a great magician Collins is, and only 17, wow.

Forte performed The Prayer from the Vegas round-- Forte totally brought down the house and they brought tears to my eyes. Mel B. said incredible and she got it right. Howard said he always viewed them as the front-runners in this competition, but this is such a great night and everyone is performing so well that he doesn't know what is going to happen.

Taylor Williamson performed the routine that got him into the top 12-- "Heidi, I hope you like my animal jokes because you were married to a seal". And don't even get me started on the little black dogs love fat white bitches joke. He had a choir sing it and he was waving an American flag. What more could I ask for?

Cami Bradley sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles-- Mel B. broke out her fan. Howie even said he wanted to hold her hand and he doesn't do that. I thought this was a great rendition.

Collins Key did the best trick he's ever done on stage. It was clear, concise and as Heidi said the magic he uses is a fresh, new magic. I love his usage of YouTube, the hash tag (#), and everyone seemed so genuinely surprised, especially the people he used for his trick.

Jimmy Rose sang Garth Brooks' The Dance--The judges all liked Jimmy and like his voice but Howard and Howie didn't think he made the right song choice. Heidi felt that Jimmy gives people what they want to hear and it's beautiful.

Taylor Williamson -- I went out with a girl, true story. Worst date I ever went on, I went out with this girl, she said to me, Taylor, I love spending time with you, you remind me of my little brother. And I said, wow, after expensive dinners with your brother, I hope you put out. Heidi said you and I have a connection. Howie urged people to vote for Taylor. Howard said you are funny and you deserve a shot at this. I also loved Taylor's Mariah Carey joke! So funny!

Kenichi Ebina-- The amount of creativity that this man has is astounding. Mel B. wasn't as impressed as she normally is. Heidi feels his creativity is limitless and would vote for him. Howard says he is mesmerizing and deserves to win AGT because he is captivating. Howie stood up and said please let him win.

Forte-- Nick Cannon said it best, "epic". Heidi said they did a song sang by Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli justice. Howard told Howie that no one cares about his Twitter account. Howard went on to call it a great night, called them the Crosby, Stills, and Nash of opera, and couldn't be critical of them.

And now for my take on everything....

O-M-G!  This is the most talented 6 acts ever. I have no idea who is going to win. I love Taylor though, I find him to be really original and I love that he has developed this amazing character that everyone loves. Kenichi is a force of nature. Collins is the future of magic. Forte, Jimmy Rose, and Cami Bradley have all already made it is as singers as far as I am concerned. Each of them could put out records tomorrow and be successful with it all.

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