Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Top 9 Kinda Shine on Top Downloaded Songs Week on American Idol Season 8

01 Anoop Desai sang "Caught Up" made famous by Usher-- I think that out of all the judges I agreed with Paula. Anoop's vocals were good, they weren't great, and all he really needs to do is work on his stage presence. I thought Kara's comment about Anoop singing it cause his frat boys dared him to was totally off base. And as for Simon; Simon, I don't think Anoop is a wannabee; I think he would genuinely like to record R&B albums.
Score: 4

02 Megan Joy sang "Turn Your Lights Down Low" made famous by Bob Marley and later Lauryn Hill-- Unfortunately, I am actually starting to find her vocals annoying. The song was, as Simon said, boring, indulgent, and monotonous. This was a mess as far as I'm concerned.
Score: 2.9

03 Danny Gokey sang "What Hurts The Most" made famous by Rascal Flatts-- I love the fact that Danny chose this song, and not only did he show vocal range but he showed emotion. Paula said she would hit repeat in her car, and I have to say that I would too.
Score: 4.8

04 Allison Iraheta sang "Don't Speak" made famous by No Doubt-- I think Allison has poise and vocal maturity beyond her years and that was demonstrated in this performance. The vocals were innovative and the rock edge that she has just seems to emerge so naturally, so she didn't need the over the top outfit that she was wearing. Her delivery, especially at the end, was pretty awesome.
Score: 4.75

05 Scott Macintyre sang "Just The Way You Are" made famous by Billy Joel-- Simon: Scott, your best performance by a country mile. I do have to admit the song choice was perfect for him, and he sang this very simply, and I don't think that he will be going anywhere this week. I think he's safe.
Score: 4.5

06 Matt Giraud sang "You Found Me" made famous by The Fray-- Matt has this knack for making amazing song choices, (Kris Allen also has that quality). His vocals surprise me every week and this week was no exception. I think the judges were too critical of him, they were wrong, and I agree "Apologize" by One Republic (Randy's suggestion) would have been a better choice. Kara, thanks for adding that Matt shouldn't go home; he shouldn't.
Score: 4.75

07 Lil Rounds sang "I Surrender" made famous by Celine Dion-- Lil sang this song really well, but once again, it wasn't the right song for her. Simon said it was too old fashioned and sounded like something that you would hear at a wedding. I agree! Simon said she should have sang "One" by U2 (Mary J. Blige did an awesome cover of it as well), and I think that she should have sang "Heaven Sent" by Keyshia Cole.
Score: 4

08 Adam Lambert sang "Play That Funky Music" made famous by Wild Cherry-- The judges seemed to really love this, and I thought it was good, but I am definitely not as enthusiastic as the judges. I applaud the fact that Adam took a risk; he did a song that was not as current and he made it seem ageless and legendary.
Score: 4.7

09 Kris Allen sang "Ain't No Sunshine" made famous by Bill Withers-- Kris said that he wanted to have "a moment" on stage, and he did. Like Paula said, he took a 30 year old song and he made me feel like I was hearing it for the first time. The arrangement was amazing, and Paula is right; it could be track 1 on his debut album. He showed true artistry and I think that shows he is ready to be a musician today, best performance of the night!
Score: 5

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