Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Top 13 "Keep the Faith" on Michael Jackson Night on American Idol Season 8

The Finalists performed for the first time tonight on American Idol Season 8 and they all performed songs from the Michael Jackson Songbook. Some of them should definitely "Beat It" as far as I'm concerned, but to some I "Never Can Say Goodbye"........ okay, I know it's a little corny, but maybe you see it as quirky and now you want to read the rest of this.

01 Lil Rounds performed "The Way You Make Me Feel" from the album Bad-- Lil put her own very different spin on a classic Michael Jackson song, and she sounded great. It was in her old school, soulful, R&B style. I like the way she went into her falsetto, it was so effortless.

Score: 4.2

02 Scott Macintyre performed "Keep The Faith" from the album Dangerous-- I was impressed with Scott's raw talent; he played the piano very well. The song's message stayed true to who Scott is, and I don't care that Simon didn't like the song. In my mind, who cares if people know the song or they don't, the point is that Scott performed the song well. Way to go Scott!

Score: 4.2

03 Danny Gokey performed "PYT" from the album Thriller-- Paula predicted that Danny is on his way to the finals and she is pretty justified in saying that. Simon called the vocals, brilliant, and I could not agree more; he is a white guy with some major soul. Danny was so entertaining and he just exudes happiness when he performs. Danny singing= joy.

Score: 5

04 Michael Sarver performed "You Are Not Alone" from the album HIStory-- I felt Michael's heart throughout this whole performance. He did not try to copy Michael Jackson's performance, but rather he interpreted it in his own way. Kara said he brings his A game whenever he steps onto the stage; I totally agree, he definitely wants this. He sounded great and tonight just proved that he really can sing.

Score: 4.75

05 Jasmine Murray performed "I'll Be There" from the album The Third Album-- I was, for the most part, impressed with Jasmine tonight; I didn't expect her to do this well with this song. However, I also agree with Simon, it was at times a bit robotic, and she came across as older than her age. I think she will do better if she makes it a bit more fun and therefore, in a way, younger.

Score: 3.9

06 Kris Allen performed "Remember The Time" from the album Dangerous-- I loved so many things about this performance; I loved that he had his guitar, I loved his charisma, and I loved him singing this song. Paula called him adorable and sexy and I agree. She also said he knows Michael Jackson's Songbook better than anyone else in the Top 13. I disagree with Simon saying that his vocals were okay; they were far better than okay, they were more like soulful and solid.

Score: 5

07 Allison Iraheta performed "Give In To Me" from the album Dangerous-- For 16 years old, her composure and control throughout this performance was so amazing that it was impressive. Kara said, as a rocker girl, when she hits the high notes, it's incredible. I feel like Allison is a born performer who is not leaving the competition anytime soon. She knows what type of artist she wants to be and she lives it in every performance.

Score: 5

08 Anoop Desai performed "Beat It" from the album Thriller-- I like Anoop because is the consummate professional on stage, and his strength is his ability to connect with the audience, especially through his energy. Although that connection was a bit lost this week, I do believe that the judges were far too harsh on him.

Score: 4.0

09 Jorge Nunez performed "Never Can Say Goodbye" from the album Maybe Tomorrow-- Paula said it best, it was the wrong song for Jorge to sing but he deserves more than anything to be here. Jorge has great vocal skills and there was nothing wrong with his vocal skills, but the arrangement was terrible, and that was not his fault.

Score: 4.25

10 Megan Joy Corkery performed "Rockin Robin" from the album Got To Be There-- I feel like this performance and song choice was a little too childish for American Idol on the big stage. I continue to love the original tone that Megan has in her voice, but I did not by any means think was the right song for her to sing.

Score: 3.8

11 Adam Lambert performed "Black And White" from the album Dangerous-- Adam was just great, and he is just such a great performer. He is so seasoned and he honestly looks like he has been doing this for his whole life. Adam is true to who he is, and it is genuine.

Score: 5

12 Matt Giraud performed "Human Nature" from the album Thriller-- Matt was totally jammin' on this performance; he completely drew me in, and took me to a different place. His falsetto is amazing, everything about him says passion and talent to me. As Simon said, that was such a "steak and potatoes" performance; it's basic and essential.

Score: 5

13 Alexis Grace performed "Dirty Diana" from the album Bad-- Alexis has a great voice, and she was bad in this song, and I mean bad in the sense that she had this whole attitude and swagger that went along with her performance. Alexis may be little but her voice packs a punch and she had tons of soul singing "Dirty Diana", in fact, there was a lot of "dirty" in that performance.

Score: 5

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