Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Group of 12 on Idol Season 8 Is Like Rollercoaster Ride

01 Von Smith performed "You're All I Need to Get By" made famous by Marvin Gaye-- There were parts of this performance that were a bit shouty. I loved the final 30 seconds because he improvised, did his own thing, and it sounded great. I think he knows how to work a stage, and is a seasoned pro. Kelly Clarkson sang this on Season 1 like a pro, check her out--- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM5LEO1WcqE
Score: 4

02 Taylor Vaifanua performed "If I Ain't Got You" made famous by Alicia Keys-- I think it was an ok performance; it was a little too safe. I disagree with Kara's comment about us not knowing what it is like to go shopping with Taylor. I don't think that at this stage of the competition we expect to know the contestants that well; we will later. I do agree with Simon though, the performance was generic. I watched Syesha Mercado from last season sing this same song live on stage and she sounded angelic--- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8He0ScuRAiE , and as I remember, the judges agreed!
Score: 3

03 Alex Wagner Trugman performed "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" made famous by Elton John-- I like Alex's personality; he seems super fun! He has a good voice overall but he messed up the performance with the throat growls that he did about half way through.
Score: 3

04 Arianna Afsar performed "The Winner Takes It All" made famous by Abba-- The song choice was terrible, the arrangement was terrible, and most of it sounded terrible vocally. She tried to act too old, and the whole performance was totally depressing, I tuned out about half way through.
Score: 2.5

05 Ju'Not Joyner performed "Hey There Delilah" made famous by Plain White T's-- I absolutely loved this performance; he took a rock alternative song and turned it into this smooth R&B song. There were so many small changes throughout the song; it was like he put his own personal stamp on it. I hope that Ju'Not gets through and continues to show us who he really is because not only do I love who he is but I can see that he wants this dream to come true.
Score: 5

06 Kristen McNamara performed "Give Me One Reason" made famous by Tracey Chapman-- This is one woman that belongs on Broadway for sure (she is like a young Kristen Chenoweth, small but packed with a personality and a voice). I have liked her since she first auditioned; I liked her version of this song because she changed it up just enough to show her voice range.
Jordin Sparks actually sang this in Season 6-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g7Fn5Ywkho
Score: 4.75

07 Nathaniel Marshall performed "I Would Do Anything For Love" made famous by Meatloaf-- Nathaniel sounded a little bit like Clay Aiken to me in this performance. I don't really quite understand his song choice, but he is just such a fun person and that is clear to me. Nathaniel's vocals were solid but solid enough to put him in the Top 12; I'm not so sure.
Score: 3.9-4

08 Felicia Barton performed "No One" made famous by Alicia Keys-- I liked her performance but I didn't love it by any means. Felicia has a definite presence, and I do like her raspy, husky rock voice.
Score: 4.2

09 Scott Macintyre performed "Mandolin Rain" made famous by Bruce Hornsby-- Scott is passionate and has a gift, and it's a blessing that there are still pure performers out there like him. He has a definite shot at making the Top 12.
Score: 4.5

10 Kendall Beard performed "This One's For The Girls" made famous by Martina McBride-- I have to totally agree with Randy, in this performance Kendall told us exactly who she is. The only issue is, was it a great vocal performance, it was good but not great.
Score: 4.2

11 Jorge Nunez performed "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" made famous by Elton John-- I agree with quite a few of the statements that the judges made about Jorge: Simon said that he should continue being who he is and Kara says that when he sings it comes from his heart. He was really really great, and I don't even know him but I was so proud of him. He was so happy with his performance, and he said when I get all emotional I think in Spanish. Way to go Jorge, you may be Top 12 bound.
Score: 4.8

12 Lil Rounds performed "Be Without You" made famous by Mary J. Blige-- I felt like the real competition started when she took to the stage and started singing tonight. Her performance was brilliant; she was confident and she never once lost sight of who she is. One of the judges said it best; she kept her swagger.
Score: 5

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