Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Group of 12 a Real Toss Up on American Idol Season 8

01 Jasmine Murray performed "Love Song" made famous by Sara Bareilles-- Jasmine has great stage presence, and I like that song but it definitely isn't what I expected her to sing. I feel that she tried to change the basic melody of the song too much and it ended up sounding like it was overdone. I am left slightly disappointed.
Score: 3.7

02 Matt Giraud performed "Viva La Vida" made famous by Coldplay-- The more I have heard about Matt the more I have liked him, but I did not like this performance. The song did not work for him at all, and he should have stayed with a more bluesy song because that is more in keeping with his style. I am still pulling for Matt though because I think he is genuinely talented.
Score: 3

03 Jeanine Vailes performed "This Love" made famous by Maroon 5-- I did not like this performance at all; I agree with Kara, it was overdone and it was pitchy all the way through, a disaster from start to finish.
Score: 2.9

04 Nick Mitchell performed "And I Am Telling You" made famous by Jennifer Holiday-- I like Nick a lot because he is endearing and he possesses this positive aura. Nick takes on this comedic role which would normally indicate that he doesn't have a good voice to go along with it, but the truth is, he has a great voice. I also just wanna give you a flashback to Ms. Lakisha Jones singing this same song in Season 6; she was amazing! check it out:
Score: 3.9

05 Allison Iraheta performed "Alone" made famous by Heart-- This performance, I have to say, was pretty hot. I could tell throughout the performance that this is a young lady that is determined and serious about winning this competition. She has a Kelly Clarkson like sound to her voice, and at only 16 she shows great poise and confidence. The Season 4 Winner Carrie Underwood rocked this song; it was also performed by other contestants like Gina Glocksen and Ramiele Malubay. Here is Carrie's version--
Score: 5

06 Kris Allen performed "Man In The Mirror" made famous by Michael Jackson-- Wow, besides Kris being a total cutie (women in America are falling in love right now), he totally nailed this performance. Kris was likeable and showed confidence and personality as well as the fact that he has a great voice. Simon said he was proud of him for giving it a go and I think he is Top 12 bound.
Score: 5

07 Megan Corkery performed "Put Your Records On" made famous by Corinne Bailey Rae-- I remembered Megan from her first audition, and I think this was a good song choice for her. The style of this particular song works well with the style of Megan's voice. I agree with the judges, she is a package artist: unique voice, fresh look, and a pretty girl; Megan has great potential.
Score: 4.8

08 Matt Breitzke performed "If You Could Only See" made famous by Tonic-- Okay, well the judges' consensus is that everyone likes Matt, and I actually like Matt too. He is exactly the type of guy that I want to be successful because he is so genuine and talented. I do think that the song choice was a bit boring but nevertheless it was in tune; I hope he does well.
Score: 4.5

09 Jesse Langseth performed "Betty Davis Eyes" made famous by Kim Carnes-- I did not like this performance because I fully believe what Simon said; it was not memorable, and she has a good voice but no one is going to jump up off their sofas to call and vote for her.
Score: 3.75

10 Kai Kalama performed "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" made famous by Jimmy Ruffin-- I like Kai's voice and I agree that he has potential. Randy said something that made a lot of sense though; at this stage of the competition the performance was a little bit too safe, and that could hurt an otherwise solid performer.
Score: 4

11 Mishavonna Henson performed "Drops of Jupiter" made famous by Train-- I love this song and I like Mishavonna's voice but I don't know that this was the right song for her to sing. Previous Idol contestants have tried singing this song also, namely Ace Young, but I happen to think it's a song that only Pay Monahan (lead singer of Train) can sing. And I am not convinced that she has any sort of personality.
Score: 3.7

12 Adam Lambert performed "Satisfaction" made famous by The Rolling Stones-- There is no doubt that Adam is talented; he's a born performer who is packed with personality. His vocal range is pretty unreal, and I believe this is one contestant who will go far in the competition. Bo Bice actually sang this in Season 4 when he made it into the Top 3--
Score: 5

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