Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Top 11 Take on Songs Sung On The Grand Ole Opry Stage on American Idol Season 8

01 Michael Sarver sang "Ain't Goin Down Til The Sun Comes Up" made famous by Garth Brooks-- Anyone who knows country music knows that this song is a staple in the genre. I give Michael a lot of credit for tackling such a tough song. The lyrics are just word after word after word, crazy; I mean there are just so many lyrics. The performance was a lot of fun though, and I believe country suits Michael.
Score: 4.1

02 Allison Iraheta sang "Blame It On Your Heart" made famous by Patty Loveless-- I, like Kara, am starting to believe that Allison can sing anything. It was not as good as last weeks performance but it was still solid and her rock style and voice are original and refreshing to this competition. I also think she made a smart choice of song, another country classic.
Score: 4.75

03 Kris Allen sang "To Make You Feel My Love" made famous by Garth Brooks-- I love Kris with a guitar and I wasn't sure of him without one tonight, but I was so pleasantly surprised. Kris' vocals were honest, pure, and I agree completely with Simon; he was in complete control of the song for the whole performance, and it was a fabulous song choice. It was an extreme risk to put his vocals out there like that and it paid off big time.
Score: 5

04 Lil Rounds sang "Independence Day" made famous by Martina McBride-- Everyone who watches this show and has heard Lil Rounds sing knows that she is a good singer and I would never call that into question. I have to agree with Simon though because she just seemed really uncomfortable singing this song. Simon compared it to her being a singer at a wedding and someone requesting a song that she totally wasn't her style. The song did not fit her well; she did have good parts in this performance but there were just so many other songs she could have chosen that this fell short for me.
Score: 3.9-4.0

05 Adam Lambert sang "Ring of Fire" made famous by Johnny Cash-- Credit to Adam for staying true to who he is and not saying that because it's country week I have to sing a song and sing it in a country style. I am not sure though what to make of the performance exactly. I am torn between Kara saying I loved the sound and I feel happy after hearing it, and Simon saying it was "self indulgent rubbish". Jury's out on this one.
Score: 3.9

06 Scott Macintyre sang "Wild Angels" made famous by Martina McBride-- Wow, Simon and I are on the same wavelength tonight. There is nothing wrong with Scott sitting behind the piano, but he somehow needs to make his performances sound different because last week and this week sounded the same. Right now, his vocals are okay but not on par with the other men in this competition; he needs to step it up if he wants to stay.
Score: 3.8

07 Alexis Grace sang "Jolene" made famous by Dolly Parton-- I thought that the song choice was good, but it was not sung as well as it could have been. There were some real pitch problems throughout the performance that were quite obvious. It's too bad because I actually really like Alexis. Hopefully she will be in this competition for a while.
Score: 3.9

08 Danny Gokey sang "Jesus Take The Wheel" made famous by Carrie Underwood-- The audience loves Danny and so do I; he's just such a nice guy and the ultimate pro. The song was a great choice because it has that powerful gospel feel that Danny is so good at singing. While I do agree that part of singing a song is telling a story and building that story/ song so that it goes somewhere, Danny does need to work on his verses and support them like Randy said, but otherwise a very good performance.
Score: 4.5

09 Anoop Desai sang "You're Always On My Mind" made famous by Willie Nelson-- I am so proud of Anoop and I am just so happy that he stepped up his game and his vocals and showed how great a singer he is. Simon is right again, great song choice and delivered on the vocals, and Kara was also right, he took on an untouchable song and put his personal touch on it. Big surprise!
Score: 4.9

10 Megan Joy sang "Walking After Midnight" made famous by Patsy Cline-- Ok props to Megan for having the flu and getting through this performance as well as she did. The song fit Megan's bluesy style perfectly; although, there were some pitchy parts on the high notes towards the end of the song. I thought the performance on the whole was ok, but it certainly didn't blow me away and it didn't impress me as much as it impressed the judges.
Score: 3.9

11 Matt Giraud sang "So Small" made famous by Carrie Underwood-- I love how Matt took this Carrie Underwood song and he broke it down to an even simpler form and made a song full of emotion to an even higher level of emotion. I agree with Simon, he has definitely been underestimated for his vocal abilities. Everyone has been watching Danny and Adam, but they should really give Matt a listen cause he has it all. This is arguably the best performance of the night.
Score: 5

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