Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Top 10 Take Us Back and Give Love on Motown Night on American Idol Season 8

This week gave us the mentoring skills of Motown legends Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, overall this was a great night; there were some sore spots though, read on to find them...

01 Matt Giraud performed "Let's Get It On" made famous by Marvin Gaye (1973)-- Paula was right on with everything she said about Matt tonight, he was as comfortable away from the piano as he is behind it. He continually has this sexy cool vibe about him and whenever he sings any song he is respectful of the melody while still giving his own interpretation. Song choice, was, as Simon said, brilliant, suited his voice perfectly.
Score: 5

02 Kris Allen performed "How Sweet It Is" made famous by Marvin Gaye (1964)-- Paula and Kara both praised Kris for doing his own version of this song and therefore displaying artistry. I have to say that overall Kris is having a solid competition right now, his consistency is impressive. He doesn't need to have that conceited confidence that Simon mentioned because he has a quiet confidence instead.
Score: 5

03 Scott Macintyre performed "You Can't Hurry Love" made famous by Diana Ross and the Supremes (1966)-- This was a really painful performance and I was waiting for it to be over. I have to agree with Simon, it was all together the wrong song for him and much too ordinary; it sounded like the hotel performance that Randy was talking about.
Score: 2.9

04 Megan Joy performed For Once In My Life" made famous by Stevie Wonder (1967)--Oh my! This was not good, I think that this is her week to get kicked off; this was horrific.
Randy: it was a train wreck, bizarre
Kara: the song dominated you (she should have sang "my guy")
Paula: confusing
Simon: it was horrible, bad arrangement
Score: 2

05 Anoop Desai performed "Ooo Baby Baby" made famous by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1965)-- Phrasing, delivery, and vocals were great; Anoop is showing the judges and everyone watching that he is a great singer who deserves to be here. All he needs to do now is keep up his vocals, add some showmanship and bring back the energy, and he will really be in the thick of this competition.
Score: 4.75

06 Michael Sarver performed "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" made famous by The Temptations (1966)-- The song was a little bit too big for him, but I think that Michael is someone who is really sincere and stays true to who he is, and it's obvious that he is having a great time on stage. His vocals weren't bad, but they weren't great either; I do think that overall, the judges were too hard on him.
Score: 4.25

07 Lil Rounds performed "Heat Wave" made famous by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (1963)-- I agree with Paula and Simon (Kara and Randy were dead wrong!) Lil's vocals were authentic and she sounded fabulous paying tribute to Martha Reeves. I do believe that had she sang a different song as Simon said, she could have capitalized and had a "moment". He suggested, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" and I do agree, and would also like to add two more options, "Upside Down" and "You Keep Me Hangin' On".
Score: 4.5

08 Adam Lambert performed "Tracks of My Tears" made famous by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1965)-- I don't think it was the best of the night by any means, but it was one of the best. I think Adam showed a different side of himself tonight, and I liked this side of him. His falsetto tonight was so much more controlled than it usually is and I really liked that. What an improvement one week makes.
Score: 5

09 Danny Gokey performed "Get Ready" made famous by The Temptations (1966)-- I think I have to kind of agree with Simon; Danny has a great voice but the performance wasn't great. It was okay, he had energy but for some reason it just seemed a little but too clumsy for me; I feel like this was thrown together at the last minute.
Score: 4

10 Allison Iraheta performed "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" made famous by The Temptations (1972)-- Allison's performance was funk filled; I loved it. I think it is by far her best performance since she made it into the Top 12. I am still trying to get over the fact that she was in the bottom two last week because her talent is not something that you can teach in any school.
Score: 5

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