Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Top 8, Fairly Great, Singing Songs From The Year They Were Born on American Idol Season 8

01 Danny Gokey sang "Stand By Me" made famous by Mickey Gilley in 1980-- I did not like the arrangement at all, that being said, I like Danny, and I was still able to appreciate his voice. I agree with Simon, the beginning was good, the middle was lazy, and the end was terrific. It wasn't Danny's best performance but it was not terrible.
Score: 3.9

02 Kris Allen sang "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" made famous by Don Henley in 1985-- It sounded a lot like jazz funk which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing. Randy is right though, with all the background music, it took away from the audience hearing Kris. However, I do not agree with Simon's comment about Kris being self indulgent because Kris just does not have that quality inside of him. He is still an original and he had an off week, but I have no doubt that if he is back next week, he will bounce back.
Score: 4

03 Lil Rounds sang "What's Love Got To Do With It" made famous by Tina Turner in 1984-- I agree with Simon here, it was not original, in fact it was a second or third rate copy of Tina Turner. It is kind of like Lil has lost sight of who she is, and even we don't know right now, and if she doesn't find herself quick, she will find herself out of the competition.
Score: 3

04 Anoop Desai sang "True Colors" made famous by Cyndi Lauper in 1986-- What I really loved about this performance was that Anoop changed it enough to make it his own and his vocals were strong. I agree with Paula, the phrasing was beautiful and he took a main stream pop song and made it into a soul song.
Score: 4.9

05 Scott MacIntyre sang "The Search is Over" made famous by Suvivor in 1985-- I didn't really like the song that much; I actually thought it was kind of corny. I do commend him for stepping away from his comfort zone and the piano. The whole thing was kind of boring though and overall, it was just okay.
Score: 3

06 Allison Iraheta sang "I Can't Make You Love Me" made famous by Bonnie Raitt in 1992-- I love the way Allison changed up the phrasing a little bit and her voice in undeniably hers because she sounds unique. Randy compared her to Kelly Clarkson, and I agree; she absolutely can sing. Kara even wants her to go make a record right now.
Score: 4.8

07 Matt Giraud sang "Part Time Lover" made famous by Stevie Wonder in 1985--
Judges summary:
Randy: one of the best of the night vocally
Kara: incredible on all levels
Paula: two words; standing o
Simon: one million times better than last week; well done

My summary: I agree to all of the above
Score: 5

08 Adam Lambert sang "Mad World" made famous by Tears For Fears in 1982-- All the judges were on their feet, including Simon who gave a standing ovation. Adam's voice was haunting and mesmerizing and I was completely taken in by his performance.
Score: 5

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