Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Top 5 "Fly to the Moon" and Back on Rat Pack Night on American Idol Season 8

Jamie Foxx was the mentor and I was entertained listening to Big Band classics sung originally by the Rat Pack....

01 Kris Allen sang "The Way You Look Tonight"-- Kara called Kris a true darkhorse in this competition, and Paula called him a sophisticated gentleman and a contemporary crooner. Simon liked it but doesn't think he can win. I liked it a lot but I don't know that I loved it. I think this time I was expecting more.
Score: 4.8

02 Allison Iraheta sang "Someone to Watch Over Me"-- Allison did it her own way with this performance and she really impressed me tonight. Her performance was so mature and so beyond her years, and she took a classic song and made it her own; no easy feat!
Score: 5

03 Matt Giraud sang "My Funny Valentine"-- I think that tonight and in most cases, Simon and Paula are the only two judges of real reason on the panel. Matt sang a very difficult song and sang it very well. As Simon said, it was an authentic performance, and it was one that stood up in the real world, brilliant. The key change that Jamie suggested was not only a great change but it made the song even more difficult.
Score: 4.9

04 Danny Gokey sang "Come Rain or Come Shine"-- This was my favorite Danny Gokey performance ever on American Idol. Danny's vocals were great, and I love where he took the song. Kara said his ending was very creative, especially what he did with the melody, and I totally agree. Paula called the performance stellar. Simon said it was his best vocal in weeks and said Jamie Foxx brought something amazing out of him.
Score: 5

05 Adam Lambert sang "Feeling Good"-- I did not love the way that Adam ended this, and I do agree with Randy; it was too theatrical, too drama filled, and too Broadway.
Score: 4.79 (enough said!)

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