Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Top 7 Try To "Stay Alive" on Disco Night on American Idol Season 8

There was no disco night introduction tonight, the contestants got right into it belting out songs from the disco era, some would prove their true worth in the competition while others would prove it is their time time to go home.

01 Lil Rounds sang "I'm Every Woman" made famous by Chaka Kahn (1978)-- It was good, but as Simon would say, was it good enough? I am not quite sure that at this stage of the competition that it was. I, like many other people who watch this show, have been waiting for Lil to come out and sing a song like this for quite sometime now, and for some reason it just fell short. Kara's right, she has been just about every woman on that Idol stage except for herself. The vocal arrangement was a big mess and to be honest, it was just all over the place; I have to agree with Simon.
Score: 3.9

02 Kris Allen sang "She Works Hard for the Money" made famous by Donna Summer (1983)-- Totally not what I expected to hear from Kris, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Paula said his performance showed that he is not only a contender in the competition but an original as well. I thought his performance was fantastic, and to me, it reminded me of that classy, laid back Rob Thomas/ Santana "Smooth" style; I loved it!
Score: 5

03 Danny Gokey sang "September" made famous by Earth, Wind & Fire (1978)-- The arrangement was interesting; he made lots of changes in the melody that kept it sounding new and fresh. As a performance though, I have to agree with Simon, it did lack some star quality. I do not doubt Danny's vocal abilities but he is going to need to step it up in the performance area.
Score: 4.5

04 Allison Iraheta sang "Hot Stuff" made famous by Donna Summer (1979)-- I loved, loved, loved the arrangement; I totally disagree with Kara and Randy. Her vocals were just off the charts; I admire the fact that Allison was able to keep her rock edge even during disco week. She made the smartest choice possible for herself choosing a Donna Summer song.
Score: 4.6

05 Adam Lambert sang "If I Can't Have You" made famous by Yvonna Elliman (1977)-- I agree with Simon; I never would have guessed that Adam would have picked this song. I praise him for his originality, and I love that he took an uptempo disco song and slowed it down and put real heart, soul, and emotion into it. That being said, I was not as impressed at the judges were, even Simon was a little too enthusiastic.
Score: 4.8

06 Matt Giraud sang "Stayin Alive" made famous by the Bee Gees (1977)-- I did not love the arrangement on this song, but I did approve of Matt's vocals. I disagree with Simon saying this performance was desperate; I am happy the judges saved Matt because he proved he deserves to be in the competition more than at least two other people. So I hope that based on sheer vocal ability and performance quality that Matt will stay.
Score: 4.6

07 Anoop Desai sang "Dim All The Lights" made famous by Donna Summer (1979)-- Anoop continues to impress me with his vocals; he grows as a performer every week and and improves not only on his vocals but his stage presence as well. I agree with Kara, he has hit a stride, but let's hope he improves so he can stay in the competition. The judges were split on this, Paula called it his best performance while Simon called it his worst.
Score: 4.7

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