Monday, May 4, 2015

The Voice Season 8: And Then There Were 6

Team Christina: India's tribute to her mom was Glory by John Legend and Common-- Wow, what a powerful performance. I thought the way that she sang the parts that Common raps in the original was seamless. It literally sounded like she had cut that record herself. Pharrell said Kenny Babyface Edmonds should be writing her a song. Adam said the song choice was perfect for her, and he felt like she had a moment. Blake said he had never heard that song, and felt like she did such a great job with the song. Christina said she figured out the portions that Common rapped melodically so well.

Team Adam: Joshua Davis's sang Desire by U2--I didn't love this song choice on him. I understand what he was trying to do, but I don't think it worked. I hope his second performance was better. Pharrell said this was better than his best performance, and he thought he looked like he was having fun doing something different. Adam said he is most impressed by what Pharrell said, and you're the first person I have seen in a while get up there and be comfortable and have fun.

Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne's tribute to her mom was Everbody Hurts by R.E.M.-- It was a tiny bit pitchy in parts, but I think overall another powerful performance. At 17, she has grown probably more than anyone on this show, and I think she has a real shot at the finals. Blake said it's unbelievable how invested she is in every performance. Pharrell said he is humbled and she is truly anointed. You let the spirit in and you are truly the best.

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole's tribute to her mom was Free Fallin' by Tom Petty-- Kimberly's joy which really spoke to me through this song literally brought tears to my eyes. I loved this tribute to her mom, her vocals were so original and strong, and I feel like she really felt the song, it's almost like she was living her life like the song. Adam said you did this song your way, and I feel like you can sing anything. Christina said you fill my heart with so much joy and I love you for that.

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey sang Steamroller Blues by James Taylor-- I love Meghan's sass in this song, she is just consistently so impressive. If she isn't the surest bet for the finals I don't know who is. She is the blues, and her vocals are incredible. Pharrell and Blake were on their feet. Christina said that was crazy, you just laid your heart and soul out on that stage. That was crazy. Pharrell said I loved and enjoyed that, you represent all those people being told no. Blake said I'm excited! You sang the crap out of that song. If that was a ketchup packet you stepped on it.

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks's tribute to his mom was Shine On by Daisy May Erlewine-- At times, Sawyer's performances have been underwhelming for me, but this was so special and so quietly strong and confident. It wasn't pretentious, it was so well done and executed perfectly. Adam said you're a really special kid Sawyer, every time you get up there, you're amazing. That was soulful, engaging, and emotional; it was one of the best of the night. Blake said you're just so good. Pharrell said you inspire so many people.

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole sang Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson-- In the words of Cee Lo, oh wow! Her pipes were smoking on this performance! I had goosebumps. Pharrell said you just had a rock and roll moment, congrats Kim. Christina said you're incredible and you embody how to perform, you're a rock star up there.

Team Adam: Joshua Davis's tribute to his wife was In My Life by The Beatles-- Much better than his first performance. I loved this, the vocal was so pure and humble. Blake said this song does mean something to everybody, wow, I agree with that. Blake said I wish I could stand up there and do what you just did. Adam said you're a class act, that performance was mesmerizing, it was flawless.

Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne sang Dream On by Aerosmith-- That was mighty! Another super powerful performance by Koryn, her vocals were in top form, and I feel like she knows her limits and pushes them to the max every time. Christina felt like she came out with so much intensity, great performance. Pharrell said that was an inspiring performance.

Team Christina: India Carney sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith-- I loved this performance, I felt like even in the points where it sounded like there were pitch issues she worked it out, and was strong. The control that it took for her to handle that vocal was amazing. Adam said congratulations, that was your best performance ever on this show. You did something very different for you, it made you one of the front runners again. Christina said you stepped up and stepped out of your comfort zone.

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks sang Take Me to the River by Al Green-- Like Pharrell, I understand why he wanted to do this, the version that he did is right in line with his style and vocal range. Sawyer really hasn't made one glaring error in this competition, he is coasting. Blake said I never realized how still you stood until they put 100 dancers around you, but it doesn't matter, you still sound good, it doesn't freakin matter. Pharrell said you worked the stage.

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey's tribute to her mom was Amazing Grace-- How fearless for her to take on that first verse acapella. It shows and proves her skills as a singer. She is without question my favorite contestant this season. Her strength shone in his performance. Christina said, as always, that was gorgeous, very touching and very moving. Blake said I felt like the whole world stopped just to listen to that, so proud of you sis.

I have no idea who to eliminate..... everyone was phenomenal tonight.....

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