Monday, May 11, 2015

The Voice Season 8: The Top 5

Coach's Choice

Team  Adam: Joshua Davis sang I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt-- I thought the vocal was soothing but almost a little bit too much so. Christina said she liked it and it reminded her of when he first started the show. Pharrell liked that it was his own rendition of the song. Adam said our challenge has been to highlight what you do the best. I'm proud of you, you did an incredible job.

Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne sang One by U2-- Koryn's performance was inspiring, I liked that she took the vocal and didn't try to copy U2, she just did her own thing with it. Christina feels like Koryn has grown so much. Pharrell said he has learned more from Koryn than she has from him. You're the true definition of an inspirational singer.

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey sang I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith-- Go Meghan! You made a current hit your own, very difficult to do. I love her strength. Pharrell liked that Meghan showed that many genres of music live in Nashville. Adam said every performance is like your last, you're committed to the moment, and you did great.

Team Christina: India Carney sang Gravity by Sara Bareilles-- India came out to fight tonight. She raised the bar with that performance. It was very moving, the emotion was at a fever pitch. Adam said you have the best coach cause you've both been given so much ability. I liked the way the song grew and you told a story. Blake said it was powerful. Christina said you continue to amaze me; you're smart enough to have control.

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks sang For What Its Worth by Buffalo Springfield-- This is probably my favorite Sawyer performance, and I think it came at the right time. Adam said the song was strangely current and rooted in something heavy. He made it current. Blake said great job, and Adam said Blake is boring. Pharrell said it's your time.


Hometown Choice

Team Adam: Joshua Davis sang When I Paint My Masterpiece by The Band-- Adam thought that the performance turned out better than he expected. Blake was unfamiliar with the song, I was too.

Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne sang Oh Mary Don't You Weep-- I was extremely moved by her performance. So powerful and she is so strong. Adam said from where you started to where you are now, I cannot even believe the difference. Christina said I am so scared of you, to deliver in the way you did, I am such a fan. Pharrell said dreams can come true, anything is possible when you put God first; that performance showed that.

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey sang Tennessee Whiskey by George Jones-- Christina said that was awesome, you always amaze me with your vocals. You can do it all. Pharrell said you continue to give people a taste of who you are. Blake said that was so special, you engaged all the country music fans, and all your new fans on the show.

Team Christina: India Carney sang Earth Song by Michael Jackson-- All the coaches are on their feet, and rightfully so, this performance just completely blew me away. It's what I've been waiting for, it brought tears to my eyes. Pharrell said it looked, sounded, and felt beautiful. Adam said every performance of yours is so awesome because it seems like performance art, it's like little storybooks unfolding. Christina said tonight you did a phenomenal job.

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks sang A Thousand Years by Christina Peri--  Blake said you're clearly the front runner. You're the real deal buddy, congratulations. Pharrell said you have so  much generosity every time you sing. It was a surprise to hear Sawyer sing this, and it was also touching, I enjoyed the gentle nature of this performance.

Meghan and Sawyer are moving on..... Koryn or India will get the last spot, and Joshua will finish in fifth place.

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