Monday, November 18, 2013

The Voice Season 5: The Top 10 Are Pretty Awesome

Austin Jenckes sang Your Love by The Outfield-- Blake liked the slow build that happened throughout the song. Christina loved the ending. I agree with Christina, unexpected for me, he did well this week. Adam said that Austin has such an incredible range, but he wanted to feel more of the big, high notes. Cee Lo appreciates the fact that Austin makes him feel like a fan.

Jacquie Lee sang Clarity by Zed-- Christina loved seeing her in such a vulnerable setting. Cee Lo said she is one of the best that they have. Blake said it was so different to hear a broken down version of you. Adam praised Jacquie's gracefulness. I liked all the judges comments cause they do reflect how I am feeling.

Will Champlin sang Love Me Again by John Newman-- I loved that performance, the song was awesome, the vocal was hot. Adam said Will is a testament to hanging in there, and he said he loves Will and everyone should vote for him. Christina said she felt like he came into his own in this performance. Blake said you're such an accurate vocalist, I really think you're great, and I can't believe you're on Adams team cause I can't stand him.

Caroline Pennell sang Leavin' on a Jet Plane by John Denver-- I like Caroline, but I think she made a mistake choosing that song. I know Cee Lo and Adam were trying to be nice, but this is probably her weakest performance to date, and not a good time for her to have it.

Cole Vosbury sang To Be With You by Mr. Big-- Another amazing performance by Cole. He really knows how to choose the right songs and his voice is money. Blake said you sang the daylights out of that song. It was so acoustic and so about you, you nailed it. Adam said, I love that song, it took me back. Then he said, it broke my heart when you went to that fool's team. Cee Lo said, I genuinely support you, and I've seen you grow, you are more confident and more expressive.

Tessanne Chin sang If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight-- Tessanne was magical tonight, her voice just transported me somewhere so unbelievably surreal. Adam said thank you for trusting in me, you're a wonderful person, and I love you so much. Christina said you can do so much and I would love to hear more moments like this from you, I want to see the different dimensions of you.

Ray Boudreaux sang You Are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne-- Low key but satisfying performance, I am hoping Ray will be sticking around. I loved what Cole said about him, that he had never heard anyone have that style, swamp pop, that Ray has.

James Wolpert sang Without You by Harry Nilsson-- Agree with Adam in that James individualizes every single song and performance. It happens so much so that you want to buy that song or hear that album. Christina said he looked so dapper and Gatsby and that he had her for the whole performance. James has something that no one else has, I cannot put my finger on it, but there's this quality about him. I want to see James, Cole, and Matthew at the end of this thing.

Kat Roubichaud sang We Belong by Pat Benatar--  Cee Lo said he is so proud of her, it's exhilarating to see you be yourself and who you are. You're the new next thing. Adam said this was the Kat we were waiting to see, it was so elegant. The song was perfect for her, it was really right in her sweet spot vocally.

Matthew Schuler sang Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth feat. Emile Sande-- His performance absolutely left me breathless, what an incredible vocal and the emotion that just poured out, I am quite speechless.
Christina said you bring it every single week, you bring this place to a new buzz and a new energy. I am so connected to you. Adam said from the beginning this was no less than amazing. Adam said he is pretty sure he will have no problem finding a wife (Matthew said he was going to act like he was singing this song to the wife he hasn't found yet).

In the bottom this week..... tough call.... Caroline, Ray, Austin, and Kat are my predictions.

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